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Papillon Handmade Glycerin Soaps


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"A Metamorphosis For Your Skin"

Welcome to our storefront and warehouse

We are happy to work with your budget. We can also special label the soap with your message to friends for special occasions. We are happy to ship the soap directly to friends and family. Wouldn't it be nice to just tell us to do it for you?

Our lotions come in two sizes with pump dispensers: one is a 6 ounce bottle = $12.00; the other is a 4 ounce bottle = $8.00. Our all vegetable oil (sunflower)

A list of lotions:

Bainbridge Island - The lovely scents of cedar, sweetgrass, sage. Inspired by a trip to the Seattle area.

Camper's Shield -At last, a natural insect repellent that matches the same glycerin soap of the same name. These two combined make a great gift for the folks heading out to swarms of mosquitoes in campgrounds or to the backyards to do some gardening. In Houston, it's a must! Contains the same natural herbal protection that our glycerin soap of the same name has.We have a matching glycerin soap.

Carnation A nice old fashioned peppery scent that compliments all perfumes. NOW WITH SILK! We have an 88 year old here at Papillon who loves it.

A Memory of Chanel #5 - Read our description of this scent in the clear glycerin soap section. We loved the clear glycerin soap of this name so much that we couldn't resist making a lotion to smooth all over ourselves. Contains liquid silk in addition to all the other wonderful nourishing ingredients. Compare it to the price of Chanel #5 lotion in the department stores. We priced it the same as our other lotions

Crispy Green Apples - This scent matches that of our vegetable soap. It's a year round favorite of men, women and children.

Eau de Sud This scent matches that of our vegetable soap. A deliciously complicated clean scent. The scent of Turkish bergamot, Chinese mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit. Midnotes of mint and basil transition to bottom notes of cypress, vetiver, and vervain.

English Garden - A lovely melody of English garden flowers - light and delightful. NOW WITH SILK!

Gardenia - Southern charm at its best. NOW WITH SILK!

Happier - A fresh fruity/citrus top note of orange, bergamot, and cassis and a bottom note of a floral heart of rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley. The scent is warmed by a sweet musk base.We have a matching glycerin soap.

Lemon Balm - A gentle lemon scent NOW WITH SILK! that compliments our Zesty Lemon Drop glycerin soap.

Mon Pear - Pear is the latest clean scent and we've found a lovely one. NOW WITH SILK!We have a matching glycerin soap.

Raspberry - We have folks addicted to the Raspberry Goat's Milk soap and this compliments that soap. NOW WITH SILK!

Rose Petals - NOW WITH SILK! An old fashioned scent that goes with our Rose Petals vegetable soap.

Rosemary Mint - NOW WITH SILK! Women and men love this scent. Fresh and incredibly, it acts as a body deoderizer. Great on your feet! We have a matching Puritan soap.

Sacred Sage - NOW WITH SILK! Sage has healing qualities that cross into the spiritual - our Native American culture uses this scent in sacred ceremonies. This scent of white sage is light and truly sacred. For anyone who does not like heavy flower scents. We have a matching glycerin soap.

Sandalwood - Indonesian sandalwood with essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli and amyris.We have a Puritan soap to match this.

Sweetgrass - Conjures up fields of green grass in the Springtime. NOW WITH SILK!We have a matching glycerin soap.

Unscented - A pure lotion for those who can't put a scented lotion on your skin. We've tested this on all of our friends who may have allergies to perfumes and they report it works fine.Our Shea Butter unscented soap is good with this.

Vanilla Honey Almond - An old fashioned scent that reminds one of home. NOW WITH SILK!We have a milk soap (Oatmeal, Honey and Oats) soap to go with this.

They are enriched with shea butter from the original "Tree of Life" that lives to be 300 years old, and jojoba oils. We add Vit. E and Evening Primrose Oil to produce the nicest lotions you have ever used. We tested the lotions for two years on ourselves before marketing them. Our fizzing bath bombs come 5 to a package and sell for $3.50. Lip balms sell for $3.00 each in a screw type dispenser.



Papillon Prices...

Current Inventory...

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Papillon soaps were created because our family has sensitive skin. For years we tried various "pure" soaps, including expensive designer brands; often finding the same harsh ingredients. All of these dried our skin, causing itching and flaking. One day we were given a bar of handmade glycerin soap from grandma's recipe, and Voila! ... OUR SKIN WAS TRANSFORMED. It was smoother, softer, and the dryness was gone. Even those troubling winter months were no longer a problem. It was remarkable that an age old process should accomplish what all the modern "high-tech" versions could not. Healthy skin! We are delighted that a local group of plastic surgeons selected our lotions and soaps to be placed in gift baskets and given to their patients as they recovered from surgery. You, too, can use our gentle "butterfly's kiss" products that assist your skin as it returns to normal. We want to share that with you now.


At a minimum, you will discover at least these five things once you begin using Papillon soaps:

1. Your skin will feel smoother immediately, eliminating that "tight" feeling to your skin after washing. If you shave with a wet razor, use a film of our soaps against your skin and if you want then apply shaving foam. Many of our friends tell us our soaps are great for shaving sensitive skin. Afterwards the "razor burn" and chapping will be gone. Plus our glycerin keeps your safety razor sharper longer.

2. Your nails and cuticles will become smooth and healthy-looking.

3. You'll save money! You will require less body lotion. Our soap leaves glycerin protection.

4. Your soap will last longer (up to twice as long as a commercial bar of soap) and won't crumble away through normal use -- saving you money yet again!

5. After one bar, your skin will look younger and healthier, making you smile more.

Papillon uses only the finest food-grade oils and additives.

We're innovative -- we often add sea kelp, seaweed, calendula petals, rose petals and very finely ground oatmeal flakes.

We're natural -- gardening friends provide rose petals, rosemary, sage.

We're enterprising -- you will see the rare yellow calendula petals (soothes your skin) in some bars. Papillon's bars require few, if any, colorants. We seek the creamy natural appearance of the cold process soap. Coloring is often achieved naturally with spices and flowers.

Papillon currently has more than 25 soaps. Some are quite limited in quantity, but others are being made in large quantities due to increased demand.

Current Inventory...

Current Products...Prepared with spring water - For face and bath with VITAMIN E IS ADDED TO ALL OUR SOAPS! EVENING PRIMROSE OIL IS ADDED TO ALL OUR SOAPS!

ALL VEGETABLE SOAPS -- These soaps are exclusively vegetable derived with combinations of olive, soybean, peanut, palm, cocoa butter, jojoba, almond, apricot, sunflower and coconut oils. We super enrich with a variety of expensive oils. They lather at lower temperatures and are good for sensitive skin

African Shea Butter - NOW WITH SILK! A creamy yellow bar. This is the gold of soaps - Protects dry skins from sun damage. Scented (lemon balm) or unscented - (This soap sells for $2/oz. because of the expensive Shea Butter). We have an unscented lotion to go with this.

Crisp Green Apples - Crunchy apple scent peps up your morning and sends you off with a new outlook. Men love it. Contains jojoba oil, sea kelp, oatmeal.

Eau de Sud - A deliciously complicated clean scent. The scent of Turkish bergamot, Chinese mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit. Midnotes of mint and basil transition to bottom notes of cypress, vetiver, and vervain. The lovely pink soap is laced with chamomile. We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Ginger-Lemon Melinda - We have a soap user who carries this one around sniffing it for aromatherapy. Want to be calm and cool in both mind and body? It contains extra jojoba oil, sea kelp, shea butter and silk.

Heavenly - For sensitive dry skin - A marriage of Roses and Lemon Balm create Heavenly suggested by one of our customers containing rose petals and silk - a true delight with soothing finely ground oats, sea kelp, jojoba wax, vit. E, shea butter.

Helen's Carnation - For sensitive skin - nice soft lather. Contains jojoba wax, avocado oil, cocoa butter, bentonite, sea kelp, gentle fragrance of carnation.

Lavender Sachet - an old fashioned lavender conjures romance morning, noon and night. Lavendar essential oil is sometimes used to decrease the pain of headaches and it definitely is a stress reducer. Contains jojoba, sea kelp, oatmeal.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Mother's Choice - Contains extra Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E, cocoa butter. Made expecially for the changing and challenged skin of expectant mothers so as to help prevent stretch marks. Excellent for woman who have just had babies. You don't want to touch your skin with drying soaps after pregnancy. Contains liquid silk, oatmeal and sea kelp. Contains the a light lemon balm scent.

Night Rain - The fresh scent of rain and the gentleness of seaweed caress your face and body.

Rose Petals - Our most popular soap. Rose petals caught in floating, frozen motion throughout the bar are used to gently exfoliate with sea kelp. Contains finely ground oatmeal, rose petals, and fragrances.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Spanish Maja - Mild scents of sandalwood and bitter almond with calendula petals for gentle cleansing and softening.

TOUCH OF TALLOW SOAPS - These old fashioned bars hearken back to our Puritan roots with a touch of tallow to make a harder, longer lasting bar in hot baths and showers.

Green Clean - Cucumber scents cool your thoughts while finely ground oats with sea kelp exfoliate and honey refreshes your skin.

Magnolia - Imagine dipping into a white magnolia flower. Delicious. Super enriched with Evening Primrose oil for extra sensitive skins. Contains avocado, jojoba, oats, sea weed, calendula petals, fragrances.

Medicine Woman - Relief from a stressful day with the finest oils, eucalyptus scent and more stress relief scents. Contains sea weed, oatmeal, honey.

Blue Ocean - You will love this clean brisk ocean scent in a blue bar. Contains sea kelp, finely ground oats, avocado, jojoba, talc.

Rosemary Mint - We were so impressed with the effects of rosemary mint in lotions and the clear glycerin soaps and decided to use the same recipe for Blue Ocean with this scent in a light green bar. Contains sea kelp, finely ground oats, avocado, jojoba.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood soaps can be some of the most expensive soaps on the market. Our scent has been tested for over a year and it simply gets better with age. The scent is a melody of Indonesian sandalwood essential oil, accented by essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli, and amyris. This bar contains honey, chamomile and powdered sea kelp to give your skin some of the finest minerals and vitamins imaginable. It is made from oils of pure tallow, soybean, coconut, almond, apricot.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

A Touch of Tallow from Fullingim Estates - An old fashioned recipe inspired by Yvonne and Dwight. Contains avocado, almond oils, calendula petals, sea kelp, talc, sandalwood, bayrum, balsam.

GOAT MILK SOAPS - old fashioned milk soap! Indulge yourself with the finest friend your skin can find - milk!

Country Buttermilk - With English Garden scent - Great for those redheads with milk-white complexions.

Gardenia Goat's Milk - This is an incredibly "soft" pure scent that reminds you of fountains and summer nights with romance in the air.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Goat's Milk, Honey and Oats - For sensitive complexions - an enriching country soap experience. It contains honey, known for its antibacterial qualities. Also contains finely ground oatmeal, and a homey grandmotherly, comforting scent.We have a Honey and Almond lotion to go with this.

Raspberry Cream - For sensitive complexions - goat's milk and honey combine with oats and the delicious scent of fresh raspberries. We have customers who are absolutely addicted to this scent. Contains jojoba, finely ground oatmeal, fragrances.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

TRANSPARENT GLYCERIN SOAPS - Pure vegetable base with Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil added - All of these glycerin soaps create fine foamy suds. They are great for shaving, too! Herb, our shaving brush/mug consultant says these are non-irritating, close cutting and long lasting, lathering suds. For you shavers we will make and sell it in the form of "pucks" sold by the pound to you. We will send you detailed directions for your shaving mug preparation. All of these soaps have extra shea butter, vitamin E and evening primrose oil added.

Beth's Unscented Opal - A beautiful opalescent bar for sensitive skin. Contains silk! We have added extra Shea Butter, Vitamen E and Primrose Oil to make this one of the finest soaps around for you with sensitive skin.

Campers Shield - All natural and all herbal scents chase off mosquitoes and gnats. It's good for people and pets (they have sensitive skin, too - look at their fine skin under all the fur).We have a lotion in a matching scent.

A Memory of Chanel #5 - A delicate bar that brings back the a type of scent of Chanel #5 for your bath. Cocoa Chanel created the fragrance in 1921 - Ever wondered what the scents were? The fragrance is absolutly beautiful with aldehydic top notes giving way to a ylang, jasmine, and rose. The woody base notes are dominated by sandalwood and vetiver. We formulated the soap with a subtle amount of the scent combined with loads of Vit. E, evening primrose oil and shea butter. Marilyn Monroe said Chanel #5 was all she wore to bed.

Chocolate Cherry M-m-m-m Instead of sitting around eating chocolate, why don't you just rub it all over you and attract all your friends?

Cucumber - A lovely scent year around.

English Garden - A secret garden of flowers.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Lavender & Patchouli - An earthy scent with lavender flowers.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Pear - Light fruit scent, the latest scent.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Plum Berry - Back just in time for the holidays. Children love the scent and always pick it for gifts for the teachers. It evokes the season of joy with its scent.

Plumeria Flowers - By special request, we have added this lovely island scented flower.

Rosemary Mint - Refreshing, relaxing and acts as a deodorizing soap, because of the antibacterial qualities of rosemary.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Sacred Sage - Sage has been used in both Chinese and Native North American cultures for centuries. It is revered for its healing and spiritual qualities. We have a matching lotion.

Spicy Lime - Smooth creamy lime scent for men and women.

Sweetgrass - Conjures up clean grassy fields and clean linen. Sweetgrass scent was used to keep linens fresh long ago in Europe.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Vanilla Cream - With a whisper of sandalwood.

Watermelon - Deliciously cool and clean.

Zesty Lemon Drop - A beautiful yellow soap floating with grated lemon rind zest.We have a lotion in a matching scent.

Papillon Prices...

Please e-mail us to check for availability. We will try to match your budget as closely as possible. We retail our soap, we do not wholesale. Round soaps $4.00 and $1.50 Bar soaps $4.00 Large bar $5.00 +

Coming Soon...

About Soap...

The earliest soaps were made with animal fat and potash. The potash was the result of water and wood ash leeched in barrels. For a long time no one could chemically analyze the exact amount of lye solution contained in the barrels, so some fairly strong misbatched soap was made. Often it didn't "trace". Soap "traces", that is, it turns to a "pudding-like" quality, just before it becomes a nice bar quality.

Three ingredients are needed to make soap: lye, fat and water. When these three ingredients are calculated and mixed properly a chemical reaction called "saponification" turns fat and lye into soap and glycerin.

Handmade soap is made with lye, but it doesn't contain lye. That's the difference - lye reacts with fats to create approximately three molecules soap and one molecule glycerin. The lye is gone! It converts to something wonderful - real soap! You will own a bar of soap that lasts two to three times longer than a regular commercial bar of soap! (Papillon Soaps are carefully prepared with computer calculated saponification tables, then cured for many weeks and tested with Litmus paper for the perfect mildness)

Before World War II natural glycerin soap was available, but soon after the war most soap companies began making detergent soaps, extracting the glycerin for resale. Gone were the days of real soap until a band of soap makers began to resurrect the old recipes and develop even better ones.

Many of Papillon soaps are additionally "superfatted" - that is, Papillon adds additional soothing oils that are known for restoring the younger appearance of your skin. Commercial soap companies remove the glycerin from soap and resell it to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tobacco and explosives industries for a tidy profit. Buyers of commercial bath bars are getting little, if any, glycerin. Instead, they are getting many cheap additives that feign the feel of glycerin. Allow your skin to vote for genuine glycerin soap from Papillon - not cheap imitations.

No wonder those by-gone movie stars looked so great, they used glycerin soap!

What unique gift can you give to folks who appear to have everything? Pamper them with aromatic handmade glycerin soaps. We will arrange for special gift bars of Papillon's fine handmade soaps to be sent to your friends on a monthly or seasonal basis.

For as little as $12 per mailing (2 bars to a package) your gift recipients will have a continuing reminder of genuine thoughtfulness as they shower and bathe with the best glycerin soaps.

Call, e-mail or write Papillon for details.

Orders should take about a week.

Questions? Send email or write us at:
Papillon Handmade Glycerin Soaps
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