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Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Hmmm. So you are looking for a little extra cash to get you through the semester! I don't blame you--I worked while getting my engineering degree at UT, and I know it can be tough.

Although there is no minimum required GPA for this scholarship, the student must meet all of the following conditions:

The purpose of this scholarship is to help a student by allowing them to take time off from their job or reduce their work hours if necessary for educational purposes and still have approximately 1 monthís income. This is especially helpful during finals or the end of a major project. It may also be used during the lull between semesters (and prior to receiving that second financial aid check!). The student receiving this scholarship is left to use this check at their own discretion, but please use it well!

All interested students must submit an essay no later than October 31, 2000. The essay must detail what that studentís primary goal is and what they are doing to meet that goal. If you are ready to submit an online application and your essay, please continue.

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