<center><font size="7">Squirrel Hazing</font><p>Learn about it and help stop the crime</center>

Squirrel Hazing

Learn about it and help stop the crime

What Do These Three Squirrels Have In Common?



They are all dead -- the unfortunate victims of squirrel hazing.

Don't you feel sorry for those poor squirrels (Miguel, Beatrix, and Clyde)?! Squirrel hazing is a ritual that has been going on for centuries in squirrel communities. To learn about squirrel hazing click here(please!if you don't you won't learn about the crime because I have not explained it here)! I have set up a help organization to help these poor victims called the Squirrel Hazing Crisis Center, it is to psychologically and medically help squirrel hazing victims. To visit my page for this organization click here. I have also set up an organization called PeaAnon for Peanutoilics. Peanut Oil if you did not know is a STRONG intoxicant for squirrels! You can learn about that organization by clicking here too. Thanks for dropping in!Remember I have had NO PART and never wish to have any part in the horrible crime called squirrel hazing. And I have never and never plan to harm a squirrel!

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