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"Marian64 and Friends"

Welcome to my website!

I have to say that these pages came into existence
with the help of friends who have put up with my many
questions and who patiently guided me along the way.
Thank you for your assistance and patience!
You're the best! *smile*

On these pages you will find the poetry
and self expression of a few of the people
I have met in Virtual Places that have
truly enriched my life. I would like to
thank each and every one of you for allowing
me to post your poetry to my pages.
I am honored.

Be sure to visit the links to other people's
sites that are provided.
The talent just goes on and on here.
Keep in mind that these pages are works in progress!
(Don't you dare say that's a woman's thing!!)

*Hugs* to all and thank you for stopping by.
Please take a minute to sign my guestbook or
drop me an e-mail to let me know what
you think of the site.

Personal Poetry
by Marian64 and friends

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