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LynLeigh Egyptian Maus

Portraits of the Egyptian Mau have been found in ancient Egyptian art that date to 1500 BC. The oldest of all domestic cats, the Mau is also the only naturally occurring spotted domestic cat. Egyptian Mau’s are though to be descendants of the African Wild Cat (felis lyica ocreata). Egyptian Maus can be traced back to the Middle Egyptian period where they were given the status of a deity and worshipped. The Egyptian Mau is a living relic. The Mau as we know it, originated from three cats that the exiled Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy imported to North America in 1956. The Russian Princess founded Fatima Cattery. All Egyptian Maus in Canada and the United States could trace their ancestry to her cats, Fatima’s Jojo and Baba. Recent importation of Egyptian Mau from Asia and the Middle East, according to ancient Egyptian trade routes, have increased the genetic diversity of the modern Mau.

This extremely intelligent, moderately active, outgoing and adventurous cat is typified by its unmistakable markings. The Mau (Egyptian for cat) has a randomly spotted body, including vest buttons on the belly. The tail is banded with a black tip. The front and back legs are a transition from bars {bracelets} to spots. The neck has a minimum of one necklace that is broken. The Egyptian Mau makes an exceptional companion with its affectionate personality and striking appearance. They are well muscled and medium sized. Their heads are a slightly rounded wedge with an "M" pattern on the forehead often forming a ‘scarab beetle’. The large alert eyes ate shaped like a pregnant almond and colored gooseberry green. The antiquity of the lineage is evidenced by a primordial flap of skin hanging from the belly in fort of the hind legs. The almost round feet are small and dainty.

Three colors are accepted for championship competition: silver, smoke and bronze. Black is the other registered color and is the recessive color of the breed. Egyptian Maus are genetically defined as black cats as is evidenced by the black paw pads, lips, eye rims and tail tip. The smoke’s coat is silky in texture and ranges from white or light gray at the base and is tipped with black. This gives the cat a dark spotted appearance with a bright white flash of the undercoat. Smoke coloring is difficult at best to verbalize. They truly must be ‘seen to be believed’. The silver mau sports a white background color or undercoat with dark back spots and well defined markings. Most people state the silver is the most striking color. The bonze is the most ‘wild’ cat’ in appearance. The base color is tan with spots and markings in the chocolate to black range. ( I visualize them like a chocolate chip cookie.) Both the silver and the bonze have resilient coats with two or more bands of ticking on each hair. Black Maus are so similar to black panthers that the resemblance is uncanny. The markings of the cat appear as a moiré pattern, similar to watered silk. The spots are very evident in direct sunlight and blend into the undercoat in dimmer lighting. LynLeigh Cattery: Information and Sales

We are a small cattery located in El Paso, Texas (the corner of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico). During the 1995 show season, one of our queens, TGCh. Alynleigh’s Magnificent Isis achieved the distinction of being TICA’s South Central Best Silver Egyptian Mau, and Second Best Egyptian Mau Internationally. Isis was also TICA’s South Central Best Egyptian Mau, a regional winner. Isis is now retired from the show ring and is producing winning kittens with Ch. Kinktut’s King Tutankely of LynLeigh. Additionally, our females include: LynLeigh’s Valdar (black), Ch. Kinktut’s Cleopatra of LynLeigh (silver). Our other stud is GrCh Kinktut’s Malibu Mauboy of LynLeigh (bronze), the SC regional winner of 1993, Best Bronze Egyptian Mau Internationally, Second Best Egyptian Mau Internationally. Currently we are expanding to include Brockhaven, Maipet and Phiset lines.

We have successfully completed all of the requirements to attain the prestigious CFA Cattery of Excellence. LynLeigh Cattery is a no-cage household. All of our kittens are hand raised and never caged. Our daughters (Lyn age 9 and Leigh age 12) personally care for each kitten from birth. This attention to socialization creates people-oriented, affectionate dispositions, not to mention extreme tolerance of dressing up in play clothes. Our goal is to produce healthy kittens of exceptional disposition that make the perfect pets. All of our cats are registered with CFA and TICA. We exhibit in both organizations. We are members of The Egyptian Mau Breeder and Fanciers (CFA) and Compadres Cat Club (TICA). We maintain a sanitary and comfortable environment for our pets. All of our animals are vaccinated annually and are Flv free. All kittens are shipped fully inoculated with guaranteed health.

We only breed for a limited number of kittens each year. Our litters include bronze, silver smoke and the elusive black. We ship by air anywhere in the United States via Delta as well as internationally. Domestic air fare is $75 - $110. International shipping is slightly higher. Additional fees include $40 for health certificate and airline approved cat carrier. You will find our prices are very reasonable ranging between $450 and $650 for these rare, exquisite living relics. We accept deposits on future breeding. Currently we have one litter from Cleopatra and Mauboy, available for placement. We are expecting additional litters in the future. Additionally, we have retired adults available at extremely reduced fees.

For more information, availability and pricing, we can be contacted ph/fax (915)581-0455 It will be our pleasure to assist you in any manner possible.

Holly Bowsher, LynLeigh Cattery, 313 Arboles Dr. El Paso, TX 79932-2104

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