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Kira's Home Page

My Favorite Links

Kim's Place - She was like my big sister growing up. She has always been very musically inclined and her website proves it. Just click on this link and listen for yourself!

Classmates - Find friends from high school!

Pogo Games

Check Out Your Horoscope

Bible Time: Welcome

AmsterCam - Check out what is going on in Amsterdam

The above are just a few of my favorites sites. You can check out your horoscope, play games, find a long lost friend from high school, or check out the Amstercam. I got this site from my cousin who lives in Amsterdam. It's pretty cool! There are also more sites listed below which are my personal pages.

This page is dedicated to my dearly departed cat, Kira , and to my family of course!!!
Cat animation courtesy of CatStuff

These links are to my other pages!

Tai Chi Links
Cool Animations

This page is always under construction, so if you have any ideas for it or find that any link does not work feel free to e-mail me and let me know.

Have a wonderful day!!!