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My Beautiful Daughter!

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Born: February 3, 1995
Home: February 5, 1995
Adopted: June 26, 1995

* * * * * * * * * *

"An Adoptive Mother's Labor Pains"

The pain of not having you to hold in our arms
Began years before you were born.
The ache in our lives that only you could soothe
Made our hearts feel bruised and torn.

How sad we were each time we "opened a door"
And you were not inside.
Once again--no baby to love!
Oh how our aching hearts cried.

Could we stand the strain and continue to search
To find you and the love you would bring?
These labor pains take much more time
Than nine months-from this Fall to next Spring.

Then you were born to be our own baby girl.
Were the long labor pains worthwhile?
Oh Yes! We had to wait just for you to come;
Our baby - our blessing - our child.

Maga (Grandma Mary)

* * * * * * * * * * * *


First off, I'd like to thank TAMI and STEVE, for selflessly entrusting us with thier precious baby, and continuing to be a part of our lives.

Thanks to SCOTT, who scanned all the pictures for me (even though his Dad doesn't know it!)

Thanks LIZ, for showing me the birth mothers side of adoption, and encouraging me to join in triad groups so I can help other birth mothers see the adoptive mothers side.

Thanks MOM for the beautiful poem about my "labor" pains.

Thanks BARRY, for being a friend and helping me see things from the adoptees point of view. (And for correcting my English every step of the way!)

Thank you LYNN for encouraging me, and always having something positive to say.

And you too JW!

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