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Who would star in an Amelia Peabody Movie?

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For those of you who aren't familiar with Amelia, visit Another Shirt Ruined: An Amelia Peabody site. The idea of would be cast in an Amelia movie was originally suggested at that site. I am pursuing to become a filmmaker so this is who i think i would be first to audition if I were to make "The ape that guards the balance" (being it is the only amelia book I have finished reading). If you have any suggestions on whom you would choose for this or another book, please don't hesitate to email me using the address at the bottom of the page.

Amelia- Rachel Weitz (The Mummy). After her wonderful performance as Evelyn in the Mummy, I could not think of Amelia in any other form.

Emerson-Billy Zane (Titanic), because I can just imagine him in one of emerson's moods. The type man who can fit in anywhere he wants to. the description also matches. Another good choice would be Harrison Ford, though I can hardly think of him doing a British accent with Black hair and blue eyes.

Ramses-The guy from Dead Man on Campus (I think his name is Tom Everett Scott though I could be wrong). If the late River Pheonix(Young indiana Jones from the Last Crusade) were alive, more than likely I would choose him.

Nefret-This is a hard one... I imagined my own character for nefret, but if i had to choose an actress it would probably be Gabrielle anwar from Wild hearts cant be broken or Claire Danes.

David-Alexis Cruz from stargate is the only one i could think of.

Ramses/David alternatives- Ewan mcgregor if he were younger, Dougray Scott (Ever after), or dare i say possibly even Elijah Wood.

Abdullah- The guy who played Sallah in The indiana jones movies. I don't know his name.

Ned Ayrton- Ben affleck in his Shakespeare in love voice.

Sethos- Brendan frasier, Val kilmer, or Brad Pitt.

Mr. Davis- Richard Attenborough

Bertha- Catherine Zeta Jones

Mathilda- this is nuts but probably thewoman from Mystery science theater 3000 who plays Pearl (Mary Jo Pehl) or Michelle yeoh (Supercop, Tommorow never dies)

Layla- I'm tempted to say catherine Zeta jones again. Perhaps human cloning should be put into consideration. Any ideas?

Katherine/Evelyn (whichever is the one with blonde hair)-Emma Thomsan

Katherine/Evelyn (the one without blonde hair)- I have never seen a desrcription of her so someone please enlighten me someday.

Sir edward- Leonardo DeCraprio i mean DeCaprio or Matt damon.

Cyrus-John halles (The mummy) or anthony daniels.

Walter- Who knows?

Lia-Natilie portman (who possibly would also be a good nefret)