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Optical Illusions

Optical means vision. An illusion is something that isn't what it seems to be.
An optical illusion is something that plays tricks on your vision.

bent are the lines really bent? No.

box this one is just the regular cube thingy. Is the blue on the inside or outside?

colorsWhen you first look at many colors do you see? there are only two colors here. It looks like there are two shades of red...but if you look carefully..its only one shade of red..some of them are surrounded by white, and some surrounded by green, and thats what plays the trick on your eyes. So red and green are the only two colors since white is not a color(all other colors come from white light)

duck is it a bunny or a duck? Actually both

earth Stare at the center and watch your world move!you might have to adust the size of it so it works.

Elephant I don't know what to say..just look at it...take what you can from it.He's dancing

face this one is extremely hard to probably see and old man at first right? look closer..there a couple kissing.

fuzzy ~this one is a little complicated...its not just you seeing the little fuzzy thingy's in each corner...but cover up the whole pic with your hand...except one line of the squares..where did the little fuzzy's go?

www this one is pretty well known...the two lines are equal in length.

Liar I like this one a lot too. look it just a face...or is it saying something.It says Liar

lift look closer...are there any words? Says LIFT

vase is it a vase or a couple about to kiss???

Get your EYES focused,were off for more Illusions :-)
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