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Well I managed to get some space...and spread things out a bit...but I'll still be putting some of the Non-Lubbock scene stuff up on this this for instance: Butterflies and Dewdrops


Well...everything is better now....while I had all that down time I worked alot on the Links section of the page. So it has just about any label you might wanna get ahold of and plenty more in addition to plenty of band, humour, local...and other check it out..and enjoy.

Click on the "logo" above and enjoy..... *here are alot of the fonts I usefonts *to get WINZIP to do that...try here

If anyone needs any help with how to install the fonts in their computer feel free to mail me.

and e-mail me here with comments or suggestions or anything like that

"Minimal Cost...Maximum Sound"

have experienced the "Magic Kingdom" that is Lubbock