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A Tribute to TJ Storm

*evil grin* My Hero


An Awesome Storm TJ Storm


This page is my tribute to TJ Storm.

TJ plays Bayu on Conan the Adventurer the series.
TJ was born Indiana, and raised in Hawaii. He's a world class martial artist, an actor, a dancer, model and owns his own production company called Eye of the Storm Entertainment.

TJ is starring in a film called Urban Menace, due to be released August 7th. Other current projects include, The Wrecking Crew, and Corrupt. The release of Virtual Freedom has been pushed back, and no word yet on when the exact release date is.

TJ Storm as Bayu and Robert McRay as Zzeben

 Bayu (played by T.J. Storm) comes from Xuchotl, an abandoned city in a remote mountainous region south of Cimmeria known as the Black Kingdoms. He is a
     heathen warrior. Bayu met Conan in an episode entitled "The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar." Prior to that, they had never heard of each other. Together, they fight against Hissah Zul's forces, forming a bond or friendship. At the end of the episode
   Bayu decides to team up with Conan, Otli, and Zzeben to help them overthrow Hissah Zul.

TJ Storm is very friendly and open with his fans. He seems very down to earth, and I'd like to thank him for taking the time to come and see my webpage, and for the info he gave me. He really is the best. :)

Now ladies, I know this picture is very, very, very nice. But please remember, no drooling. You'll short out your keyboard. ;)


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