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A Tribute to TJ Storm *eg* my Hero!

Just a few pics of my favorite actor hero, TJ Storm. Btw...For a special friend, so you'll know what TJ Storm looks like.Click on TJ and SEE. What do you think, M'Lord? *LOL* TJ Storm plays Bayu in "Conan The Adventurer", in the TV series.

TJ was born in Indiana and raised in Hawaii. He's a world-class martial artist. He is an actor, dancer, model and has a production company called Eye of the Storm Entertainment. His new movie is called Virtual Freedom. Watch for it. It should be awesome.

Played by T.J. Storm: Bayu comes from Xuchotl, an abandoned city in a remote mountainous region south of Cimmeria known as the Black Kingdoms. He is a heathen warrior. Bayu met Conan in an episode entitled "The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar." Prior to that, they had never heard of each other. Together, they fight against Hissah Zul's forces, forming a bond or friendship. At the end of the episode Bayu decides to team up with Conan, Otli, and Zzeben to help them overthrow Hissah Zul.

Legal garb:If you haven't read it before, read it. If you have, for pete's sake there's better stuff on this site to read than this! Pics from Conan The Adventurer belongs to Western International Media, Inc. All other pics belong solely to Eye Of The Storm Entertainment. No malicious intent is intended. I am not earning an income with this site, nor do I plan on that in the future. If anyone wishes to use the images here, please provide a link back. Thanks!

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