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Halacon's Inner Sanctum

I will be watching you.

These next few links are from

Gavin's Diablo Page

Stop by and see more of his great work, more links and tomes of info on diablo.



Within these runes of power....lies a magic portal that leads to a dear friends page. Please visit it and help him in his quest.

When my father died in October of 99, the friend mentioned above wrote him a memoir. Click these words to see his work.

This page is under major construction, and will soon include (I hope!), lots of pics, MIDI's and Hints or tips. Just keep checking back with me. C-ya! ~Halacon~

Eternity passes as I walk the world, seeking light in the dark heart of mankind. What will I find? What will I find?

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I am sorry that the sounds are not functional. I will get back to them soon. Thank you for your time and patience

This is to my beloved fiance, Marissa....