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The Kreuz Market

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This is Jim Washburn's usual snack from the Kreuz Market: 3 "Hot Guts" (this is what the market calls them)... Mild Market-made links... Medium... That means not dry and not greasy... A slab of smoked Poke Chop... Smoked whole loin, Band-sawed to order and sold by the pound... A slab of smoked Boneless Prime Rib... Whole Boneless Prime Rib, Smoked, cut to order by weight, and sold by the pound... A half tube of Saltines, a Sour Pickle, some Onions, two Cokes and some Gebhardt's Hot Sauce... NO Forks, Plates, or bread allowed... No other sides like Beans or Potato Salad available... Photo Courtesy of Jim Washburn...


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