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Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli is perhaps the most famous greaser of all time. A one-time juvenile delinquent and high school dropout, the Fonz once rode with a motorcycle gang called the Falcons. By the time "Happy Days" began, though, the Fonz had reformed from his life of crime and spent his evenings at Arnold's Drive-In, dispensing much needed wisdom to Richie and his pals. He was such a constant fixture at Arnold's that the men's room became his "office." Abandoned by his parents as a child and raised by his grandmother, the Fonz grew up to be a loner. He projected the image of a cool and tough rebel, but beneath his leather jacket beat the heart of an old softy. Though he acted like he didn't need anyone, he secretly loved it when the Cunninghams invited him to live in the apartment above their garage. The Fonz had an absolutely magical power when it came to the opposite sex. Whenever he snapped his fingers, girls instantly rushed to his side. Despite the tremendous flock of chicks around him, he only became serious about two women--Pinky Tuscadero, a demolition derby driver, and Ashley Pfister, a widow with a young daughter named Heather. Fonzie came very close to marrying each of them, but remained a bachelor in the end.

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