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Joy's Sunday Surprise


Sunday(PtHA)- Joys first foal

Sunday's sire was an unregistered black and white pinto stallion. I were hoping for a black and white foal but I were very surprised when Sunday was born buckskin and white!

She has become the most gentle horse I have ever owned. I broke her at age 2 then the following year, she carried Lucas (age 2) all week on the Salt Grass trail ride.

Sunday is the favorite horse for my boys and any other kids that visit. Anybody that can sit on a horse is able to ride her with no problem!

When Jacob was 2, he rode Sunday one full day on the 1999 Salt Grass Trail Ride. Although Sunday is 15.1 hands tall, Jacob rode her without aid or a pony rope. Sunday is an exceptional horse!

Sunday also doubles as a driving horse so the whole family can turn out.

We also did some Combined Driving Trials and she did great!

Salt Grass Trail 2001 with Lucas age 8

SGT 2001

Sunday is also the best buddy to our Zebra. Wherever she goes, Zee goes!

Zebra Page

2002 ~ Sunday is now 10 years old and is the trusted mount for my boys, Lucas (10) and Jacob (6).

SGT 2002

Laura is 2 and loves to be around Sunday!

.......... 2002

Sunday has to be the most gentle horse I have ever owned. She absolutely loves children! She will always have a home at our farm.

Laura Riding in the 2004 Salt Grass

Laura rode her in a parade to kick off the Waller County Fair.

October 2006

Year after year, the kids ride her on Salt Grass as well as local trail rides. Laura is now 7 and can go get Sunday out of the pen, take her over to the trailer, climb up on her bareback and ride around the yard without any help.

SGT 2007

........ October 2007

Sunday at age 15 hanging out with Lady and Shade. It's November 2007 and they say a major cold front is coming tomorow. This may be our last warm day so everybody got a medicated bath to ward off any skin troubles during the cold wet winter.