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Snickers ~ April 13, 2003

Snickers is Cherokee's first offspring and was foaled April 13, 2003 out of a buckskin mare named " TI ". It's a filly and a perfectly marked paint. The baby is a very friendly and inquisitive little girl and we have named her "Snickers".

Snickers is growing fast! Her light baby fuzz has shed out and she is dark bay.

She is almost ready for weaning.

2004 ~

Time goes so fast! Snickers is a yearling and spends most of her time with the rest of the herd just hanging out on lazy summer days.

2005 ~

Snickers has turned 2 years old and has begun saddle training. She doesn't seem to mind at all and we took her on her first public trail ride In April 2005.

She was only ponied, not ridden. She did very well but wast tired by the time we got back to camp ~ I think it was a 12 mile ride.

Texas summers are sooooo hot! Laura gives Snickers some cold water to drink :o)

The summer is coming to a close and Snickers training has progressed enough for me to ride her for the first time. No big surprise ~ she didn't bat an eye when I got on her!

We took her to her first ridden trail ride. For the first half of the day, I ponied her with my daughter Laura on her back. Snickers did very well and Laura was teaching her the riding cues.

After lunch break, Laura and I switched horses so I could ride Snickers and She could ride Sunday. Within a few minutes, Snickers was acting like she had been broke for years!

2006 ~

Winter has been mild so far this year. All the horses are loafing in the pastures not doing much. Snickers continues to grow and I plan to ride her in this years Salt Grass ride in February...

Sure enough, Snickers seems ready for the rigors of Saltgrass. Laura is riding with me this year and will be on Sunday. Sunday has now carried kids on Saltgrass for 11 years!

I ponied Snickers for the short warm-up ride on Saturday so she could get used to all the action, flags, wagons, traffic and general chaos caused by 1,500 riders. She did just fine with that and being tied at the trailer all night. Sunday morning, she was ready to go!

We had a great ride this year! Laura rode Sunday all week and Snickers even took the parade in stride!


Summer has come and gone once again ~ Snickers has grown a bit more & has been my riding horse far all the rides this year. She has grown & filled out alot and I think she just about my prettiest horse (next to Sunday of course).

Snickers 2006

In October, Laura and I took one of my co-workers on a benifit ride that our company sponsored. I rode Snickers, Laura was on Lacy and our friend (who had never ridden before in his life) rode Sunday. It was alot of fun!

2006 is coming to a close. The horses are getting shaggy & ready for winter.

We started 2007 with The Salt Grass ride again. I rode Snickers and Laura was on Sunday.

The rest of the year saw several rides, all of which I spent on Snickers.



I bred Snickers to a homozygous black & white Gypsy Vanner stallion in hopes of producing another driving prospect. We are expecting this foal in the spring of 2010.

Since Snickers has 1 copy of Agouti(bay) and the sire is homozygous for tobiano, the only 2 color choices for the foal are black & white or bay & white. Pretty cool!