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Justa Painted Lady

"Justa Painted Lady" is out of our Pinto mare "Justa Sonny Lady" and sired by the APHA grullo paint "Painted Grullo Dude"

First day!

I sent a hair sample to the lab for DNA testing and it is confirmed that she will be grullo (no Agouti factor) as well as Homozygous for Tobiano. You can't get much better than that!

The filly is shedding out the classic charcoal gray of the grullo. She is very friendly!

Big news!!! Painted Grullo Dude has moved to our farm! Now we can have little grullo paints all over the place!

He has his own page ~ Painted Grullo Dude

I caught this picture when she discovered leaves for the first time. A hot dry July caused a bunch to fall and she just had a blast playing in them ~

As summer wears on, she is darkening as she grows bigger.

Fall came around fast this year! It's now October and the foals are weaned. Lady's filly went from shedding baby fuzz to growing winter hair so it's still hard to see her true color. Her little dorsal stripe stands up in a hair tuft so now you can see it even in a profile shot...