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Justa Sonny Lady

A Sorrel & White Filly Born May 9, 2001

Joy did it gain!

This filly was sired by Sonny Sizzler(APHA).

Nap time!

No place to hide but under big mamma!

Laura can't resist the horses

We have decided to name the filly "Justa Sonny Lady" and call her Lady for short

Lady is growing fast but she still likes kids her own size.

When it came time to wean little Lady, she seemed to enjoy the company of Sunday and Zee.

Lady is now a yearling and still enjoying lounging around in the pasture with big sister Sunday and best buddy Zee.


Lady has remained a small horse and we waited until she was 3 before trying to break her to ride. That day has finally come and we have taken her on 2 trail rides. She did just fine and even loped a short distance without resistance. This was the Salt Grass warmup ride in November 2004 ~



Both Lady and Shade have been bred to Chreokee this year. Shade is due April 1, 2006 and Lady is due May 5, 2006. It looks like it will be a colorful spring!

Lady and Shade spend most of their time stuffing their faces!



Joy is officially a grandmother!

May 13, 2006

Lady presented the world with a very loud pinto filly!



Not much going on this year with Lady. I did breed her this spring to a grullo & white paint stallion with hopes of a grullo paint foal due May 2008.

Painted Grullo Dude ~ APHA Stallion




Lady just produced a very pretty paint filly on the evening of May 4th 2008.

First day!

We have named the filly "Justa Painted Lady" and she has her own page where you can see her grow up ~ Painted Ladys Page

Big news!!! Painted Grullo Dude has moved to our farm! Now we can have little grullo paints all over the place!

He has his own page ~ Painted Grullo Dude