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Lacy Bubbles AQHA # 1695499

This is Lacy who was foaled in 1980. She has been with us all her life and has traveled all over the US.

Lacy and I have been together for 22 years! We have competed in barrel racing, Western Pleasure, and driving.

She has produced many fine colts over the years as you can see...

Her first foal is a Dun breeding stock filly born in 1994. She was sired by Sonny Sizzler(APHA) by Sonny Dee Bar(AQHA). Her name is "Shamrock Sunny Bar".

She was sold as a weanling and has since gone on to be a nice riding horse.

This is Lacy's second foal born in 1995. She is a chesnut breeding stock filly also sired by Sonny Sizzler(APHA) by Sonny Dee Bar(AQHA).

A man bought her for his young children so they could learn the responsibility of raising a horse before they could learn the fun riding part.

The children are now riding her and seem well pleased with the horse she has become.

Lacys 3rd foal was born in 1996 and is the first baby sired by our own paint stallion,Sonnys Lucky Straw(APHA).

We were all proud that Lacy had finally produced a painted baby so we named him "Lucky First Chance" or "Chance" for short.

Chance is also Sonnys first foal!

Chance at 2 years old

I decided to keep Chance because of his good looks and winning personality. I rode him in the 1999 Salt Grass Trail Ride and he did everything I asked him to. The parade through downtown Houston didn't even startle him.

Chance is also in training for harness and has done well so far.

Chance had a few weeks of rest and pampering after a recent hock injury.

Chance is still with us and has done many trail rides including Salt Grass 2001 & 2002.

Lacy's 5th foal came out a Dun Tobiano filly born in 1997.

Sonny has passed on his spots again to produce this very flashy baby named "Natane Noicha"!

Tawny was just sold on Valentines day!

Her current owner is now riding Tawny and is very happy with her performance.

Lacy's next foal was born in 1998. She did not spot even though her sire was ,

Sonnys Lucky Straw(APHA) .

Lucky Bubbles was sold but has since been saddle trained. Her current owner is just north of Houston and sent me this current picture. >

Lacy has been bred one more time to the stallion Sonny Sizzler for her last foal. He is a loud tobiano colt we named Shiloh.