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Birds On The Farm

What's here now:

It is very relaxing to sit in the evenings and watch the chickens. They busy themselves by constantly scratching around looking for grain and eating all the pesky bugs. Selling fresh "yard eggs" raises enough money to pay for their feed and my Sunday lunch.

Araucana Hens

Araucana chickens are my favorite because they lay green and blue eggs!

The Araucanas come in all colors. Many of the chicks are marked like chipmunks.

I like to study genetics and there are some neat things you can breed for when raising chickens.

Did you know: When you breed a Rhode Island Red rooster to a set of Silver Lace Wyandotte hens and then incubate the resulting eggs - the male and female chicks hatch out different colors? It's called a "Cinnamon Queen" sex-link and I hatch a bunch of them!

With the above cross, the females are red and the males hatch out a silvery white. Pretty cool!

I also hatch another type of crossed hen called a "Black Sex-Link". The fathers are still Rhode Island Reds but the mothers in this case are Barred Rock hens. The babies hatch out black but the male chicks have a white spot on their heads. The males grow up to be barred and the hens grow up black with redish necks.

There is a growing flock of Muscovy ducks in the pasture. They are soo quiet and they make a little whisper noise instead of a quack.

My Muscovy ducks come in Chocolate, White, black, spotted and silver colors.

My Silver Drake

Laura is having fun with the new batch of Muscovies

I have some peafowl that like to make obnoxious noises all night long! They are beautiful birds otherwise.

I also have some Purple peacocks and some 15/16ths Spauldings.

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