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Erin's Pub- Authentic Irish Hospitality

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This page is no longer being updated. March 20, 1999

Rod and Lloyd have been regulars at Erin's Pub for about 10 years. It is a place to meet with friends, enjoy some Irish Music, and to have a drop of the pure! Erin's Pub is owned by Ralph O'Brien of Dublin, Ireland. Ralph is also the founder and member of one of Newfoundland's most popular Irish bands,THE SON'S OF ERIN The Pub is located at 186 Water Street in beautiful downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. A lot of popular Celtic groups have their roots at Erin's, such as Great Big Sea and The Irish Descendants. The Pub offers an authentic style Irish Bar in the heart of St. John's with restaurants and hotels nearby. A most popular tradition at Erin's is the Wednesday night talent show. With cash prizes and bar tabs.
Be sure to check out the TIE HALL OF FAME

Come and see the "NEW" Erin's Pub, the renovations were a success!!

Chris enjoys a pint!

Mark @ Xmas Party 1996.(aka RITA!)

Talent Night at Erin's


James Joyce's - St. John's Town

You can see The Son's of Erin, James Joyce, Fergus O'Byrne, Dermot O'Reilly, Shannyganough, and many other well known Newfoundland Performers live at Erin's Pub!

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What happened to the grey hair!

Good luck to Lloyd Banfield in Toronto, and all the best to Steve Barnes and Cecile Gough (Gettin' married June 99). I may start updating the page later, but for now what you see is what you get! If your interested in taking over the page, send me an email! RGP

The 50th year.
Hurrah for our own native isle, Newfoundland, Not a stranger shall hold one inch of her strand, Her face turns to Britain, her back to the Gulf, Come near at your peril, Canadian wolf. Ye brave Newfoundlanders who plough the salt seas, with hearts like the eagle, so bold and so free, the time is at hand when you'll all have to say, If Confederation will carry the day. Cheap tea and molasses, they say they will give, all taxes take off that the poor they may live, cheap nails and cheap lumber our coffins to make, and hopespun to mend our old clothes when they break. If they take off the taxes how then will they meet, the heavy expense on the country's upkeep? Just give then the chance to get us in a scrape, and they'll chain you as slaves with pen, ink, and red tape. Would you barter the right that your fathers have won, Your freedom transmitted from father to son? For a few thousand dollars of Canadian gold, don't let it be said that your birthright was sold.


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