The Best Little HomePage in TEXAS
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The Best Little HomePage in TEXAS

Hey there! My name is Jaime (that is pronounced Jamie*VBG*)...... I am trying to find oiut the joys of cyber space so I thought that I would make a little hompage and let everyone know a little bit about myself.*S*
I have decided to that since I already have a Bryan White page I will dedicate this page to not conciet but to let everyone out ther eknow a little more about me..and what makes me tick..LOL
Here is my luvly autobiography..LOL well some of it anyway..*G*
At the moment I attend the University of Texas at San Antonio, but I am planning to transfer to SouthWest Texas State in San Marcos. I was born in San Angelo, Texas on August 25th, 1977. I lived in a small town outside of San Angleo called Veribest where I spent most of my time helping out my PeePaw(grandfather for those of you who might be a little confused) on his Farm/Ranch. This is where I found my first true love....HORSES..*smile*. And my second Country Music..of course I listen to other kinds of music also, but I am always running back to my roots so there needn't be any worry.*S* I am very fond of horses because they are a very unique breed animal. You know that saying that says your dog is your best friend well in my case my best friend was my horse..who God rest his soul is no longer with me *pout*...Hot Chick Hank..I LUV YA BUDDY *wiping away the tears*. Ya see horses have this look in their eyes that says that they understand when something is wrong, and they are a good diary too.*S* They won't tell anyone else what you said and they are very good listeners as well*S*. If you ever have owned or own a horse you should be very aware of what I am talking about.
Some of my favorite artists are oldies but goodies and some are form the younger generation...which my father likes to referr to as popsicle music..As you probably already know by my handle Bryan White is one of my faves.*S*..There really isn't any Country Music artist I don't like, but there are a few that I am not too fond of. I don't want to mention any names becasue I really don't want to upset anyone.*SMILES* My favorite song from a male artist is 'Someone Else's Star' and no it isn' because of Bryan White either....although that is a plus *S*. That song just happens to explain my life completey. My favorite song from a female artist happens to be 'How do I live"..Tridsha Yearwood's version..for the time being anyway.*g* Okay now for the pics..*S* I really don't have to many right now but keep coming back and checking my page out.*S*
Here is a list of my favorite things:
ANIMAL: Horses
COLOR: Any Shade of BLUE
SONG: I have many so I will not bother listin' them.*S*
DANCE: Watlz
MUSIC:Mostly Countyr but I am game for any kind of Music.*S*
MOVIES: The Man From Snowy River and Return to Snowy River
QUOTE: "Never eat YELLOW snow" Jeff Holt (a classmate of mine from Comfort High School)
What is ICQ?
Okay I have mentionend ICQ in my list of hobbies so I thought that I would explain it to ya. Okay ICQ is a chat program that you can downlaod off of the World Wide Web. The URL is below in my list of favorite site. Anyway ICQ is a nice way to meet alot of interesting people*S*

My Hobbies!!!!

My Favorite Links

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