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My Kids are so KAWAII!

These are all of my Adopted Kids. I love the little sweethearts, and they're all so cute too! If you want to adopt any of them, they have links to the pages where you can. Oh, and please be nice to them. They're my little sweeties, and if I find you've been messing with them... ::dark flames erupt:: .....

Meet my Pikachu. He's so kawaii, ne?
My Pika!
To adopt a Pikachu
Click HERE!

My Cabbits!
Here's my Cabbits I adopted from the Cute Cute Petshop; my little Kaede-Ohki and Kai-Ohki ! To adopt a pet of your own, just click below:

To the Cute Cute Pet Shop

This is my Amazon that I adopted, Ju Winn. She's really sweet, and she can cook really well too! Oh, and treat her nicely, or she'll kick yo' butt into next tuesday.
Ju Winn is such a little Darling
Do you wanna adopt an amazon as well? Just go to Shampoo's Neko Hanten.

This is my Chibi Tasuki.
Chibi Tasuki no DA!
Isn't he just so KAWAII? I love my little Fang Boy! He helps look out for his brothers and sisters, he's so sweet. Anyway, would you like to adopt a Chibi Fushigi Yuugi character? Just go to Nishi's Chibi Fushigi Yuugi Adoption Center and get one right away!

This is Chibi Maya.
Chibi Maya is so KAWAII!
Kawaii, desu ne? She's so sweet, she even helps me with all of her little adopted brothers and sisters. How nice!

Do you want to adopt a Chibi Character? Just go to The Chibi Anime Characters Adoption Agency.

Adopt-A-Bunch-Of-Homeless-People (tm)

These are my little adopted Bunch-of-Homeless-People. They're dungy but sweet. You wanna adopt one? Click on the adoption certificate to adopt your own bohemian.

Adoption Certificate

Sailor Mercury 2000's Adoption Clinic
Sailor Mercury 2000

This is my adopted Sailor Jupiter. Sweet little Makoto helps with all the cooking around her, and occasionally zaps people if they get on her nerves. Want your own Sailor Senshi? Click on the link above.

And here are my many widdle Ranma cuties!
Chibi AkaneChibi RanmaChibi Panda GenmaChibi ShampooChibi Kasumi
Aren't thay all so kawaii? Of course, Chibi Akane and Chibi Ranma do get into a lot of fights, especially when Chibi Shampoo starts glomping Chibi Ranma, but Chibi Kasumi usually calms them all down and Chibi Genma-Panda... Well, we love him despite his faults, ne? ^_^; If you'd like to download a Chibi Ranma Character, go to The Cat Cafe.

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