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Kawaii Kawaii! My Links!

Mokona says:

"Pu pu! Pu pu pupupu pu!" Roughly translated, that means "Hey, check out the lots of sugoi links!"

Well, seeing as I have way too many pics and links, I've made two decisions; a) I probably won't have pictures unless I really like them or they're banners, and b) I'm placing my links into groups, to make it a little less random (even though I'm one of the most random people I know). So, enjoy!


Anime Web Turnpike To the Anime Web Turnpike; probably the best anime source on the web!

The Anime Grapevine. I'm hooked to this site. You can review and read up on anime; even vote on your favorite characters. If you want to see some of my reviews and such, look for "lunakitty" (my icon is of SD Sailor Jupiter with a sweatdrop. I'm on the Top 10 list for my review of X). Check it out!

You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...
The Official You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When... Page. For all you moonies out there, you must check this site out.

Project C.U.R.E.: Chibi Usa is Really Evil!
A Link to Project C.U.R.E. - Chibi Usa is Really Evil! Join the enlightened!

Minmei is also evil! Bleccchhh!Here's yet another anti-anime chrachter page. This is the AntiMinmei Propaganda Movement. I hate Minmei too! (Note: This is against Lynn Minmei from the American verson of Macross, Robotech. I really don't have that much of a problem with Lynn Minmay, her Japanese counterpart.)

The International Miaka Torture Chamber There are only three anime women I really hate: Chibi Usa, Lynn Minmei, and Miaka Yuuka! And here's the solution to the Miaka problem. The International Miaka Torture Chamber. If you don't hate Miaka already, they'll give you all the reasons. besides the fact she eats too much, is as dumb as a box of rocks, steals ALL the cute bishounen guys...

Asuka's Fan Club. Join the AFC; Asuka Fan Club. Yes, I am a big fan of Asuka (gee, couldn't you tell?). She rocks. Go there and join us in praise of the Second Child!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Transparent Gifs Gallery. If you haven't noticed already, I LOVE transparent gifs. You know, the ones that don't have a border. Well, here's where I got a bunch of my Sailor Moon T-gifs. It's BSSM T-Gif Gallery. Go check it out!


Let's all go to Pepper Land! Hey! I didn't know Genma was down with the Beatles! Jeez, you'd think he'd tell you these things. Oh well... Here's a link to Pepperland, one of the bestest Beatle spots on the Earth.

Aerosmith. com. To go to the official Aerosmith site. I'm back in the saddle agaiinnn....

311 Online. To the *Official* 311 website. Go visit the boys in the band. Especially the base player. *Sigh* P-nut... No, I don't hate Primus. I actually really like them. That's just the name of their page!

Stone Temple Pilots Online. Jiminey, I love this band. Ah, and Scott is just such a hottie. ^_^

Blues Traveler Online. Ah, yes, I bow down before thee, John Popper. You are the King of the Harmonica Men! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Sing yer hearts out girls! To Sailor Bacon's Anime Lyrics Headquarters. This place is really sugoi. I get a whole lotta lyrics from there. I know it also falls under the anime section, but since it's basically strictly lyrics, I placed it here with music.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Yeah, these guys rock to, like, the 1050th power! Gotta love Chilli Peppers.

Eminem Online. For all those who actually like Eminem, one of the few good white rappers. "I never meant to give you mushrooms girl..."


Go to my page, NOW! This is a link to my buddy Ucchan's Blue Lounge. There's a Hunka-Munka Cheesecake shrine to real guys there (a good assortment of them too; Ucchan was the one to come up with the title Hunka-Munka Cheesecake). Plus she has good taste in music. Anyway, I'd go there if I were you, unless you wanna end up like poor Ryoga-kun there...

KC's World of Weird Stuff. A good friend and fellow loon's looney little page.

Nelly-Bob's Fantasy World. "Don't get too close to my fantasy..." And you wonder why I call my friends demented!

Stoneflygirl's Homepage. Yay! Niffy's page. She writes the most awesome poetry, plus she has a Bob shrine! As long as she doesn't add Bob Vila, I'm fine... Go check it out or I'll sic NunZilla on you!

To a e r i s ' s p o k e b a l l . This is my best friend from Canada's page (well, one of 'em, anyway). Someday, I aspire to be as good as her...::sigh::

Rakna's Fanfiction Archive, home of "The One I Love is..."--one of my favorite series at the moment! It's really good. Alain's an excellent writer (especially considering the fact that English is not his native tongue) and he's one of my most helpful pre-readers. So go check it out. Oh, and go tell him I sent ya *wink*. Monty Python Online. Do I even need to say anything for this?

The Hamster Dance. Come on, how can this NOT cheer you up?

The Cow Dance. If you liked the Hamster Dance, then you should like this one as well.

The Jesus Dance. This site cracks me up! Almost better than the Hampster Dance. And let's add one more dance...

The Anime Dance. This was created by my brother and it's great. I helped him find most of the gifs on his page (either that or he stole them from my page.) Go check it out!


My favorite.... obsessionto the Official Rocky Horror Picture Show page. Everybody, prance around in your underwear and pretend you're an alien!

The Official Blair Witch Project Page. OKay, I liked the freakin' movie! It definitely gave me the jitters. And the site's pretty awesome, so go check it out.

Austin Powers Online. Yeah, baby, yeah. This swinging page is so shagadelic it's making me randy. Are you getting randy too, baby? Well, are you?

Final Fantasy: The Movie. Okay, I know it hasn't come out yet, and it won't come out for a while (mid-2001, ne?), but I LOVE Squaresoft! Their games just rock the casbah, and their computer graphics are just awesome. This is for anyone who loves their games or is just a big fan of CGIs (since the entire movie is computer animated.)ANd speaking of Squaresoft...

Squaresoft Online. These guys make some fo the best games on the market! They're mainly known for their great RPGs (the Final Fantasy series, Xenogears, Parasite Eve), although they have a few other genres as well. Anyway, go check it out and learn something about their great games.

And for the FF7 fans (especially those of the character Vincent Valentine):
The Lair of Vincent Valentine
The Lair of Vincent Valentine!
Vincent happens to be my favorite character in the game (next to Aeris), and what with my odd love of all things even semi-vampiric or dark and gothic, I especially liked this page. The mood is very dark, and the layout is quite nice, plus they have nearly everythign for the Vincent fan. A must for Vince fans!Now for one more FF link...

Terra's FF8 page. I'm a big fan of FF8, dare I say more than FF7...? Maybe it's the characters, or the draw system, or maybe the animation... In any case, I like it a lot, and this is one page I found that I rather liked. The layout's nice and there's some quality info there. ALl in all, a good page for the FF8 enthusiast. Go and see for yourself!

to DarkHorse online. They got a bunch of cool manga there, namely Blade of the Immortal, Oh, My Goddess!, and Gunsmith Cats; at least that's what I read...

Laura and Sara; dressed to killTo Top Cow comics. These guys are really cool. Just click on Laura Croft from Tomb Raider and Sara Pezzini from Witchblade to get there. Personally, I like Fathom and The Darkness better, but don't tell them!

RED MEAT - The Secret Files of Max Cannon. For the most morbid humor you will ever see, you must go to this page. It's so funny it hurts.

2.13.61 PRODUCTIONS. A great site for really good, hardcore reading. Plus you can find out about Henry Rollins and Rollins Band here. Great stuff, it is. I'd reccomend "Black Coffee Blues" to anyone. Well, almost. ~_^

Let's go back Follow Sami-sama back to me page.

If you have any links you think I should add, feel free to drop me a line.