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Gatun and Margarita

There are other pictures on some of my other pages, that were contributed by CHSMike and Eddy Will on their trips home last year. Lucky for us, they took MANY pictures and hve been more than happy to share them with us!

Snake Road, coming from Randolph Rd into Margarita

Holy Family Church, Margarita.

Margarita Gym, Margarita.

Margarita Swimming Pool - where my mom was the Pool Manager for many years.

The Welcome sign at Gatun Locks.

An off the ground Cottage style of home in Gatun.

Mike took the next 3 pictures off the video he had filmed on his trip, this is the house I lived in last in Gatun.

My how all the trees and bushes have grown!

An Up & Down style house, Gatun.

The boat ramp by the Locks.