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Atlantic Side Memories - Page 2

Front entrance to Margarita... picture taken in 1968.

4-Family wooden apartment, Margarita 1968.

Margarita Clubhouse, as it looks today. It has been turned into a school,
so it is still serving the community.

Margarita Union Church.

Ft. Gulick, backend, over looking the lake . . . taken in 1998.

A View of Ft. Sherman, taken from the Bay, 1998.

Ft. San Lorenzo, a view of the Chagres River (upriver) the mouth of the Chargres, where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Coco Solo 1959 . . .Once a Naval base, re-furbished and opened up as a CZ Town when New Cristobal was turned over to Panama.

Coco Solo Hospital, where my middle son John was born,
in 1970. My oldest son, David, was born in Gorgas Hospital, my youngest son Michael, was born in Denmark.

These are meaningful to All Zonians!

If you rode the train, you loved going thru the tunnel, built in 1909 . . .
as it looks currently. It is being worked on by Kansas City RR, the new owners of the Panama Railroad.

Cafe Duran . . . Hmmmm, Good!

Galeta Island party Bohio circa late sixties, early 70's, compliments of Karl Cain, whose father was stationed at Galeta Island.

Looking towards the reef at Galeta Island.

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