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A Breast Reduction... I Need YOUR Support!!

OK...I am going waaay out on a limb here. I have a problem. My boobs are too big! My back and shoulders ache all the time. I am constantly stretching my neck and back. I have a knot about the size of a walnut on my right shoulder that has been there for the last 2 years. I have been on muscle relaxers and pain pills in the past and am tired of a "quick fix". I am starting to feel like a hunchback.

For those of you think that this is a "gift", think again. It really is painful. Try breathing with about 10 lbs.of whatever on your chest ALL THE TIME. Try finding a bra that fits properly. GOOD LUCK! I wear a 36 DD/E. They're gonna look real cute AFTER I have kids. I did want to wait until after having children, ya know, repair the damage, but I may not be able to actually have children. (See my Endometriosis Page.) Besides, I wouldn't have the money ESPECIALLY after having children. So..

I have lost 50 lbs. in the last year and this is the one place that has not reduced. I would love to start running again without it being so painful (or giving myself black-eyes!).

I filed with my insurance company back in the middle of October '03. After several "misplacements" of the claim and medical review, the long-awaited letter of approval arrived from my insurance company yesterday (2-23-04). I have a $250 deductible to meet and my portion to cover for the surgery is $600. So I need to come up with a grand total of $850. Not too bad considering the surgery is around $6200. I hope to have my surgery on April 30, 2004. It is when I have an available vacation.

Anyone who knows me would say that I am an humble person and this is totally out of my character. I would never ask this sort of thing, but I could use the help. I tried to turn to my family, but they are flat broke. I am currently seperated, so money is pretty tight right now.

If you could help, that would be great! If not, I understand and thank you for the time you took to read this.

I will accept cash, check, money orders and PayPal.PayPal. My user name is My email address is below if you have any questions, and you can IM me on Yahoo chat. My user name is Valerian99. Again, thank you.

UPDATE 3/1/04: I want to thank those of you that have donated. $37 has been raised so far and it is a great start!

UPDATE 3/1/04:As of today, my surgery date has been set in stone for Friday, April 30th. My doctor doesn't perform surgeries on Fridays, but due to my tight vacation schedule, he has made arrangements to do mine.

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