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My Favorite Links

Below are some of my favorite links to varoius bands, my favorite authors, and just a bunch of other stuff.

Counting Crows Official Wesite This site has pics, band bio, discography, tour dates, message board, news and events, audio/ video, and a store. Really good link to find the scoop on the Crows.

Counting Crows Message Board Just the Crows/fans message board

Counting Crows Bootleg Guide A wonderful guide to all the Crows bootlegs. Very helpful!

Hole Official Website Ahh...The wonderful Hole and Ms. Courtney Love..Here, you will find the band's bio, news, history, chat, audio/video, lyrics, articles, shopping, message board, and ongoing projects.

Tori Amos Official Website For all those little Tori freaks running around out there..This site has news, tour dates, discography, videography, a picture gallery, store, and a chat room.

UltraGrey: My Band's Official Website This is MY band's website. We have our band bio, show dates, our equipment, pictures, band history, MP3's, Real Audio, and CD's for sale.

Favorite Authors
Official Poppy Z. Brite Website Poppy is my favorite author of all time. She completely intriguing and mesmerizing. You should visit her site and buy all her books!!

Pandora StationA place to buy Poppy, Caitlyn, and Christa's books. It links to other sites as well.

Fury Cage This site contains bio's on Poppy Z. Brite, Caitlyn R. Kiernan, and Christa Faust (another fascinating author), as well as some of theie short stories, interviews, and various other links.

Brian's Website This is my husband's website. He has all kinds of interesting little tidbits. A lot of it comes from his late night bouts of insomnia. He has all his music equipment, all his CD's, bio, and tributes to his favorite bands.

Token Dragon's Realm: This is a naughty little friend of mine. For those who are not easily offended..