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3rd formed in Salerno, Italy, in January 1998. The current line-up is: Cristiano de Divitiis (vocals), Dario Cuccurullo (guitars), Massimo Barrella (guitars), Luca Carucci (bass) and Tullio Carleo (drums). The band recorded its first demo tape in March 1998. 
In May 1999 3rd released a four-track EP called "Nonexistence" on Whiplash Productions. The band started to play concerts all around Italy until august 2000 when 3rd went to the studio to record a new EP. 
Its title is "Highest human form" and it was released on Rapture Asylum on November 2000. "Highest human form" is an 'open minded' conception of New side Metal evolution: the perfect and ultimate collision among thrashy roots, psychotic modern metal attitude, clean and aggressive extreme vocals, melody ... grudge moments... plus several attractive influences. 
Only a little but precious surprise in anticipation of the absolute full-length album (foreseen for the latest months of 2001...) that won't envy the most successful bands (...does not emulate!) of this genre and similar, just like the tracks in this competitive MCD already show cleary! 
The band is growning up and it's developing a personal way of thinking and playing modern metal, 3rd's music preserves the aggression of metal bands such as Machine Head and Sepultura and mix it with several melodic influences. 
The final result is a very cool and interesting thing!!! Listen with your own ears to believe...