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08/06/2004                                                   ------------]-- ZELDA NEW


Here's some speculation on the The Legend of Zelda GCN. No of this is confirmed true, so please do take it that way. If you have speculation of your own e-mail me

I think that it all takes place in Hyrule, before the flood of Wind Waker, some of the land marks are similar to landmarks found in WW. The castle in the trailer is very similar, if not identical (pardon the visuals) to Hyrule castle in WW. The land itself is reminiscent of Ocarina of Time. Is it possible that this game is a sequel of sorts to Majora's mas, if not a direct sequel.

-The story in this game seems to be on a grander scale than previous games. Maybe this is a time of war.

-From the trailer, day and night seem to play an important role, not only is there the sun or the moon in every shot, but the temple Link is in a fire temple (maybe it's the "Sun Temple") The words that appear on the screen also hint at this theory, but that could just be a fluke.