Season 1 Episode guide

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Lucy Lawless as Xena

Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle

Jay Laga'aia as Draco

Darien Takle as Cyrene

Willa O'neill as Lila

Anton Bentley as Perdicas

Patrick Wilson as the Cyclops

Stephen Hall as Hector

Linda Jones as Hecuba

Geoff Snell as Herodotus

David Perrett as Gar

Wally Green as an Old Man

Roydon Muir as Kastor

Winston HArris as the Boy

Huntly Eliott as the First Citizen


Episode Synopsis


The first episode of the series.Xena buries her armor ect.,intending to 'Bury her past'.She hears some people coming and hides behind some bushes.Some men are chasing several village girls wanting to make them slaves.Gabrielle stands up to them and as the leader is about to hurt her Xena comes out of her hiding place to save the girls and kick some bad guy butt.She succedes and gathers her weapons.

The villages are wary of Xena,they are grateful to her. Gabrielle tries to get Xena to take her with her when she leaves but Xena won't. At night Gabrielle says a tearful goodbye to her sister Lila and sneaks out to team up with Xena.

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