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Welcome to the How to Test your Xm Radio, there are couple ways to this with a Milksop or if your good with soldering then you can do it the way I will be explaining today. So Lets Get Going.
What you need,
-you will need a Jtag,
-you will need a Dishnet Receiver that has a Jtag port on the bottom of it. Most Receivers do but the real old ones do not so make sure it does!
-a Xm Radio with a Subscribed Membership
-a Xm Radio without subscription
-Jkeys Program

So lets Begin,

First off you will need to take your Xm Radio Apart all the way down to the main board here are some pictures of what the Xm Radio will look like

Now if u look at the first picture u will see a chip with this on it 29lv400bc, that is the TSOP. So After you locate that were ready to really begin! So First thing to do is Take out the Tsop from the Xm Radio with a Soldering gun or something like that. Once you have it out you need to know take apart your Dishnetwork Receiver, once in there find the TSOP To it which should look kinda similar,after you have located it u will now need to remove it. Once it is out you will need to take the Xm Radio Tsop and solder it in the place of the Dishnet system once again this is the subscription one right now. Know once u have that soldered in you need to download Jkeys which can be getting from any Sattellite site. Start J keys put in the start address 7FE00000 and length 200000 this is if you are going to dump in a 2Mb tsop if not and you are going to use a 1Mb tsop use this 7FF00000 length 100000,now read the tsop ,then just solder the tsop that you are going to use and erase then chose the bin the you save from the sub xm radio and program the tsop,Now you have a perfect copy of your Xm radio you can put that tsop in other unit and it will even keep the same memory stations you can clone 50 xm radios and pay for one. If you have problems reading it etc.. make sure u have it soldered correctly. And thats all there is too it I hope you enjoy this turtorial

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