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Welcome To XmHack.Com,

As you all probaly know by now is the famous Xm Radio has been hacked we are here to show these exploits and maybe they will be able to get them fixed. Same Goes for the Dishnet and DirecTv. We Will Keep you updated Below on the Latest News on Xm,DishNet, and DirecTv. If you Would Like to learn more about the Xm Radio Go To the How To Section of the site it will tell u have to tweak, and do many other things to your Xm Radio. Also Visit are Files section were you can Download the Files Needed for the How To's. You Can Also Join us on Mirc at Server: Room: #Xm So Enjoy!


Well Folks Finally Xm Radio Hack Is Public! The Info under the How to's Has Been Gathered from Diffrent Sites and put together in one to make it alot more easier. I would Like to thank all the people that spent time studying and figuring this out so that we can help the people at Xm Make there product that much Better.