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Emily's Heaven

» Updated November 9 2001
New artwork:

~September 7th, 2001

I hate when the real world consumes your time, sorry if I have been lacking off here, but just wanted to say that I have been working on my collages every chance I get! :O) So here and here are my new ones, enjoy!!!!! Please let me know what you think, I like recieving emails, with wonderful comments!!!! So go ahead email me :P!


~November 6, 2001

I am back!!!!!!!! Yes, and I am so ready to start a new season, even if Mulder won't be back ( I think LOL ). Well, I will update my collages and my art work, I have been busy even though, it has not be posted here. I can't wait just a few more days.......he he, this season is so cool, Lucy Lawless rocks! Come on season 9!!! For now, please check back tomorrow or even later tonight and I will have some of my art work up and one new collage to ring in the new season! ::::::::::::::

~November 7, 2001

The art section of my site has been updated, here are some of my pieces that I have now included into my site so enjoy! The collage will be up later so check that out soon!So here are my pieces of art work, some I did when I was in high school and a few are recent, Catalina, Monster, New Dress, Shirley Temple, Sketch 2, Sketch 3, Sketch 4, and Sketch 5 thanks for looking, Sofi :P I started this drawing of Gillian and Piper, and I have not finished it, but here is a look on how it is going, I will have this done maybe by this weekend. Please email me if you oppose having this drawing of Gillian and her daughter, I won't be upset if there is someone that opposes. ~cool images of the new season, I checked out the Haven and there are some new images and also here !!! All right, I am here and here is the collage that I said I was going to put up, I included Lucy in this one:o)

Gillian and Piper

a work in progress


~November 8, 2001

Well I am giving my place a new look so, hopefully this will work, I got tired of the "bright theme" I am trying to go with place more often!

~The Old News~

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» Updated November 9 2001
New artwork:

get this gear!

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