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This wonderful collage comes from alanna!


There is a WebRing for Emily and The X-Files so if you want to join, please do! The Artist of the week is G788! Her collage can be seen at the entrance of my site, so please if you will check some more of her work by clicking the banner to her site:o)


Quick Mid-day update. I have two more collages all done and here are The light that led....." and "William"( I know the baby is not William, but you get my point,right? :o)I am also moving, adding and deleting stuff so there are going to be some changes around this place, so don't be surprised if something is different :o) I need to get my art work of Scully and my friend Daria's art work back up. I am also still in the process of building a small site for little William, those will be up in about a week or so.


I have moved some of my Misc. stuff to a new page, I have two new collages, but not of the X-Files. They are of the actress Victorie Thivisol and here is one and here is two.


There is another collage that I have made and it can be seen here it is called "Dana Scully". I know not too original there :). Enjoy:)!


Just a quick update I have added two new collages, "Followed the Light" and "Hold on", they can be seen here. Enjoy:)!


There are three new collages that I made and can be seen right here, so I hope you will check those out:>. I am also going to add a page for "The Artist of the Week" so you all will know who has won my award, that will be up by tomorrow.


I have added some pictures of Gillian/Scully and there might be a few more collages that I will add on the Collages section. I have decieded to do something different, I will change the entrance to my site every week. Each week a collage and Artist will be featured, so if I happen to see a collage that I truly love it will be featured on my site. I will notify the artist and their collage that I have chosen! This week I have chosen Kim and her collage "Next Year", awesome work!


Well, I finally got some pictures of Mulder, Scully, Doggett and Reyes, I also put some more collages up done by alanna! I don't know how you people can make such awesome work! :)You can see I am in the process of putting a site up for William, so look forward to that later!


I got a few collages up so I hope that you will enjoy them!


OMG, THE X-FILES could have not been any better, ohhh how much we all needed Mulder back:) Well,I have made another collage for Judith and put up some pictures of her! Tomorrow I will be adding a fan-fic section, so check that tomorrow, got homework to do{:/ nnnnoooooomooooore homework in 2 months, yeah graduation is just around the corner!

OLDER NEWS 3/18/01

I got a hold of "The House of Mirth", the book, so I am going to read that and then watch the movie. "The Haven" has some more spoilers put out today for episode 8X19, I don't know what I would have done without that place!


I finally got two of my "Non-XFiles" related art up, go and check it out! Still fixing this site:)Tomorrow I am going to add a few animations that I had time to create, so come back and see those.


There are new collages that I made and are up, I also put up a watercolor picture that I did of my niece. Thanks a whole bunch to G788 for letting me use some of her wonderful pics:)


I added a page dedicated to Little Emily, she happens to be one of my favorite characters on the show, and there is a new collage made by G788. In the art section hopefully I will have the Skinner drawing that I drew up for all to see! Well another boring day at school, I could not help myself from falling asleep during the lectures, aghh... to much homework to do tonight! I am also wanting to add a few more pics of little Emily so check those out tomorrow!


I added two collages by G788 in the collage section and some snappies done by her too in Emily's Heaven. I have the Skinner drawing up, and I passed my test today in government ( that is the class I sleep in ), yeah! :) Oh, I also added what is going to be a page dedicated to Judith Barsi who tradgcially died on July 27 of 1988. There will be collages that I will make in her memory.


There is a new place dedicated to each Judith Barsi and Heather O'Rouke, there will be more collages that I will make in their memory. Well, got stuff to do this weekend so I won't put anything up after Dead/Alive airs, oh man it is almost here:) can't wait to see FM and DS together again!


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