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Another awesome collage made by Gillian788
About Me

There is not that many interesting things about me, but there are two clear things that I love one is art and the other, of course, The X-Files. I am still a student but I am graduating this year, yes........finally out of there. Oh my that is scary thought, me a legal adult, brace yourselfs everyone :) Since I was two I knew that art was going to be a career for me, I know that sounds weird for a two year old to know what he or she wants to be later in life. I do watch other shows and they include, the Simpsons, Darma and Greg, That 70's Show, E.R, FRIENDS, Roseanne, Malcom in the Middle, Star Trek Voyager, and Third Rock From the Sun, there might be a few more that have yet to cross my mind. You can e-mail me if you like!

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