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Welcome to TXFW News

~Old TXFW News
(I will only keep up to 2 months of old news :o) ~September 7th, 2001

I hate when the real world consumes your time, sorry if I have been lacking off here, but just wanted to say that I have been working on my collages every chance I get! :O) So here and here are my new ones, enjoy!!!!! Please let me know what you think, I like recieving emails, with wonderful comments!!!! So go ahead email me :P!


~November 6, 2001

I am back!!!!!!!! Yes, and I am so ready to start a new season, even if Mulder won't be back ( I think LOL ). Well, I will update my collages and my art work, I have been busy even though, it has not be posted here. I can't wait just a few more days.......he he, this season is so cool, Lucy Lawless rocks! Come on season 9!!! For now, please check back tomorrow or even later tonight and I will have some of my art work up and one new collage to ring in the new season! ::::::::::::::

~November 7, 2001

The art section of my site has been updated, here are some of my pieces that I have now included into my site so enjoy! The collage will be up later so check that out soon!So here are my pieces of art work, some I did when I was in high school and a few are recent, Catalina, Monster, New Dress, Shirley Temple, Sketch 2, Sketch 3, Sketch 4, and Sketch 5 thanks for looking, Sofi :P I started this drawing of Gillian and Piper, and I have not finished it, but here is a look on how it is going, I will have this done maybe by this weekend. Please email me if you oppose having this drawing of Gillian and her daughter, I won't be upset if there is someone that opposes. ~cool images of the new season, I checked out the Haven and there are some new images and also here !!! All right, I am here and here is the collage that I said I was going to put up, I included Lucy in this one:o)

Gillian and Piper

a work in progress


~November 8, 2001

Well I am giving my place a new look so, hopefully this will work, I got tired of the "bright theme" I am trying to go with a more cooler look, so come more often, I will be adding a whole bunch of stuff! Please sign my guestbook so I know that you stopped by, thanks again Sofi!

~November 14, 2001

I gave the entrance to my site a new layout, the first time I have tried using this style, it is not so bad though :P! As for my collage that will be up later tonight!!!! G788, don't worry I am working on your backs and will send them to you asap :o) cheers, Sofi

~November 16, 2001

Well, I have entered my two pieces of work at Touchstone's Site, she is so nice and her site rocks! There is a art contest and to help support it, enter a piece or vote when it comes time to :)!!! Sorry about the collage I was suppose to add, I kinda got carried away with working on the is the collage. Sorry for the delay :)Just caught the broken link, I forgot to check it and it is okay now. That is what I get for rushing!

~November 19, 2001

I been busy with a layout, that I am gladly doing for someone, and when that is done and running on her site I will give a link just for you all to see. I have a collage, but it is not of Gillian or David, I think this person is really cool just go here a see. She is know for the role in Stigmata. I will be adding collages like this more often, but of other actresses, Touchstones Art Contest enspired me to do this, I am so happy to say that! Other actresses will include Ashley Judd, Julia Orimond, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Sophie Marceau, Liv Tyler, Natalie Portman and so on.... just say I am a movie addict!

~July the 5th 2001::: I am going to give this site a new look really soon, so that is something I am looking foward to....I have two new collages up and they can be seen here and here. I have some good news my site has won another award from Victoria's X-File Site, cool huh! :P

~July the 6th 2001::: I am fixing some of the links around here and I am going to try to include more of my art and collages. I will also reveal who will be the next artist of the week later on today, so check that out it should be up by 7 or 8 ( I know that is kinda late. I also made a cool collage of Mimi Paley ( aka Samantha from Closure ) it will be up along with the award winner.:P ****Small Update******* I have the Samantha Collage and it can be seen here and I also have this really cute shipper collage of M&S, the winner will be anounced really soon so check back for that later today!


~July the 16th 2001::: I made another collage it can be seen here. If you already did not know Touchstone is featured as Artists of the Week, I love her work it is so inspiring! I also have captured images of the movie "Ponette" ( which can be found under the micellaneous section , I am not done with this so, when I have time I will finish taking screen shots!


~July the 17th 2001::: Okay I am having more time to make and create some of my collages, here is one of my new collages. I found some of my high school art that was put away and I finally discovered them all tucked away, so maybe if I find a way to scan the huge pieces I will them place them here!


~August 8th, 2001::: HUmmmmmmmmmmm...... where have I been, well I completely forgot to mention that I was going to be gone for a while to spend time with my cousins. I am really sorry about that, but next time I will put up a notice, the other thing is that they did not have a computer so that was just a huge bummer! I am glad to be back and I am so ready to create some collages and add more images of Gillian and Annabeth. I think for now on I am going to focus more on Gillian and Annabeth, since of course they are my favorite characters/actress' out there! This is just too cool that Lucy Lawless will be in the next season of TXFs, Xena is one of my favorite series also.....I have tons of stuff already collected from that series, like cards and magazines. To have Lucy as a character on TXFs is just so awesome!!!!!! I will have to start including some pictures of her from Xena even though the new season has yet to begin :P