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..::Commission Work::..

Information on me: I am honest, and that is the truth. I have commissioned many pieces in my hometown. I love drawing portraits of children that is what I focus most of my art around. Anyone who is interested in me doing portraits for them, must remember I am a very serious artist. Here is what I need for you to know.

What I need from you: Your Name, Home phone number or email (rather have that), your address, and the portrait that you want for me to draw.

What to expect: I will ask of you to place a 20%-30% down payment on the portrait, depending on the size of the portrait. I will ask for you to send me the picture via email ( I prefer JPG) to me. Once I have recieved the picture I will then ask for you to send a check to insure you a spot on the list, I will hold the check for 5 days and once that is done, I can get started. I will contact you and tell you how everything is going and I will give you the estimated time that the portrait will be done. After the portait is done I will email you the image and you can send the rest of the payment and once I have that at hand I can send you the portrait though the mail or by UPS. All other important information will be asked through email. All information given to me will be confidential, I will only keep it for myself for reference.

My Email

Here is what I offer my work in:

Colored Pencil::::

prices start from $100 for a 16by20 and up

Black and White:::

prices start from $80 for and 16by20 and up

eXample:: this is a 18by22

For any additional people in the portrait I tack on another $25 per individual, and for the colored pencil portrait background can start from $25, depending on how much there is in the background. Every portrait is different so it really depends on how much is wanted and how much you are willing to spend, I usually stick with a plain background and a simple head shot of a child.

NOTE: I will only accept CHECKS and MONEY ORDERS