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- Micellaneous-


Judith Barsi

This little girl in the picture above is Judith Barsi and was one of my all time favorite child actress. Judith was a very young and talented lady, she was tradgically murdered in 1988. She is known for her voice as Ducky on "The Land Before Time" and Anne-Marie in " All Dogs go to Heaven". Click on the Picture for collages that I made and for links about her.

Heather O'Rouke

Here is another little actress that I loved, she is greatly known for playing the role as "Carol Anne" in the Poltergiest, which is my favorite horror movie. She too tradgically died, but from an intestinal blockage on Febuary 1, 1988. Click on the picture to go to the link to learn more about her.

Victorie Thivisol

This actress is alive and well, so don't get confused here :o)Here is another little actress that I truly love, her name is Victorie Thivisol and is just amazing, just click on either picture of her above and learn more about this wonderful actress. If you have not seen the movie "Ponnett" I recommend you seeing it, even though is is sub-titled.

I you want to check out some collages that I made of Victorie just click here.