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Xena Fans Welcome!

This is a Xena Fan's website created because of my love of the show Xena Warrior Princess. Here you can see pictures, read fanfic/poems, check out websites, find out about Xena books, and so much more! So enjoy, and be sure to sign the Guest Book!

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Past Updates On Xena Fans Welcome

Well, tonight I created a new front page as you can see! And it took me hours to make that wp on the front too, so I hope you like it.

I created GREETING CARDS!! hehe..Now you can send cards for b-day, christmas, just to say hi, and more! Please email me if you have more ideas as to what I could make for greeting cards!

I've been having fun as you can see! I created a new "links" page entitled "Other Xena Websites" and you actually can just add yours! It's really simple, so check it out!

Today I am fixing and updating things. 2 more quotes at the top of the page in that section. Thank you! And I made a diff banner and took out the others that weren't working. Hopefully this one will work. I am going to be adding Disclaimers from all the episodes. Who knows how long this will take though. I'm also going to make a Xena Family Tree of everyone, in an actual tree shape hopefully :) Enjoy. Okay, well, it's later today. I wasn't gonna do alot, but I ended up revamping all the pictures on the front page. Lol. It looks a lot nicer though, and I really like it this way. I also added a couple more of my Montage/WPs to the Pictures section. So now you can Enjoy...I'm done.