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11/27/01 1:15 pm (EST)

Hey, since i'm in the library at school and not doing a damn thing with my german project, i figure it would kill me to work on some ep guides. :o) so i started on Cauldron 1... dunno why. Anyway, its about halfway done, and I'll definitely finish it tonight or tomorrow during more computer time. cya


11/14/01 @ 5:11 pm (PST)

YEA! I rock!!! Woo-hoo! *clears throat* Sorry about that. I got a little carried away. All the bio pics are up though.(Gueststars don't count cause we have to get screen caps for them.) Even Beast is there. I finally remembered where I saw the pic after I got up this morning. Transcripts will go up when I get the time. Until then... site's all yours, babe. Lol.


11/12/01 @ 10:40 pm (EST)

Hey. Started up the Spykecam ep guide. Didn't get very far... its hard to write about Evan, I dunno. (even though there are plenty of Rogue parts, but whatever :o) I also went through the Rogue Recruit transcript and changed her accent around and fitted in the scene changes. Lemme know what you think.


11/09/01 @ 10:15 pm (PST)

I started editing the pics for the bios. But... (there's always a but) the file upload which WAS fixed went caput again... AFTER I uploaded Scott of all people. *shrugs* Ever get the feeling fate is laughing at you?


11/08/01 @ 8:58 pm (PST)

I finished the SpykeCam transcript (or rather as much as I have on tape). The Turn of the Rogue ep guide was great. Personal comments are fine! *grins* There are times when I can't resist making a few myself.

Also, I went through and changed Logan to Wolverine on all the transcripts. Unfortunately, I found out all the back-up copies I saved of all the pages couldn't be used to upload so I'm copying and pasting the code into text files.

11/08/01 @ 7.00(ish) pm (EST)

Hey, finished up the "Turn of the Rogue" ep guide. Lemme know if theres too much personal imput... hehe. it is one of my fave eps though. hadta put what i thought :o) I'll try getting Survival of the Fittest started after i get back from going out. Cya

11/06/01 @ 5:11 pm (PST)

I went and made back-ups of all the pages we've worked on "just in case." This way we won't have to start all over is something happens. I had wonderful idea and I deleted the quotes page and all links to it. We can just add a "memorable lines" part to the bios. After all we have the transcripts anyway. Finally, I added "Adrift" files, directories, and links where they needed to be.


11/06/01 @ 2:05 pm (PST)

I put a "questions" page up. It's like this update page but it's specifically for questions (and answers) regarding various issues that come up about this site. Also, I messed with the bios and now the paragraphs aren't quite as broken up, repetitive info has been deleted, top stats are more filled in, etc., etc.

The bios for the main chars are done (except for a few blanks you might be able to fill in) and I started on the Brotherhood ones. We're gonna have to make up shit to fill in them and the ones for adults. *grins* We should be able to swing that. I already fleshed out a few of them a little. *innocent smile*


11*05*01 4:25 pm (EST)
Hiya. Finished up the Speed and Spyke ep guide. I took notes on todays reshowing of Growing Pains. I'll have a lil bit of time to work on sorting them out tomorrow, but i'll definitely work on that, Mutant Crush, and hopefully Turn of the Rogue (they're replaying that tomorrow) on wednesday when i don't have work. ttyl


11*04*01 2:29 pm (EST) Hey, started adding some lil action things into the transcript to make it a lil more understandable. would have done more but my bro showed me a sale on comics site... *shakes head* i'm so sad... lol I'll get some more done after work. Laterz


11/03/01 @ 11:27 am (PST)

I'm know you were online at the time I finished the Strategy X transcript(Incidently, there's one of the German words I suck at spelling that you didn't fix. It's right after Kurt and Toad teleport into the Danger Room and starts with a 'w.' *shrugs*)... After that I finished the X-Impulse one too. I started working on the Rogue Recruit but I'm not done yet. If you find any errors do whatever you want to them. You can mess with the first two transcripts and add description and such like in the ep guides whenever you feel like it. :) Gonna go crash. Night.


11/02/01 @ 12:32 am (PST)

Yeah, yeah, I know. I should be working on my English Lit... Oh, well. I'll get back to it in a bit. I changed the font on all the pages to Arial and what is equivalent to about ten point. Like it? Damn. Break's over. *yawns* I need coffee. Later.


11/01/01 @ 9:28 pm (PST)

I'm taking a break from English Lit and I did the back links and basic html formatting on the screencap pages early. I think I'll start working on the character bios in class tomorrow instead. What would we do without cut and paste? :) Well, back to work. *sighs*


11/01/01 @ 4:01 pm (PST)

I did a little more work on the site while I was recording "Mutant Crush." The links to the screencap pages are up. I still have to put the basic html formatting and back links on those, (let ALONE messing with the pictures) but I can probably get that done in class tomorrow. :) Also, I made a key for the colors I was going to use for the names of the characters. It's in /transcripts. Let me know what you think, ok?


11/01/01 @ 1:47 pm (PST)

Okay, I made this update page so we can keep up with what the other is doing. Lol. We probably should have done this sooner but oh, well. I'll write in purple and you can write Is that okay? Anyway, we can post this or not, whatever you prefer.

Today I finished creating the transcript files, complete with basic html coding and links to the episode summary page, however I don't know when I'll get around to actually typing them up as there always seems to be more stuff I need to do. I have been recording the eps though and so far the quality is great (except it's teeny bit fuzzy Tuesday (The X-Implse) when it was storming) so there will be some great screen caps soon.

I doubt I'll be on AIM tonight as I have to finish 3 units of AP English Lit before tomorrow. *sighs* Homework sucks. Hehe. I can't wait to see your Rogue costume. You DID take pictures, RIGHT? *grins* I took some of me as Death. They didn't turn out terribly well but they'll be good enough for you to get an idea. Ttyl.