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Strategy X Transcript

Cheerleaders: B-B-B-A-Y-V-V-I-L-L-E. Goooooo Bayville!!! Yea!!!

Football Player: Blue 22! Blue 22! Hut! Hut!

Crowd: Touch-down! Touch-down! *cheering*

Announcer: Touchdown, Bayville.

Duncan: Hey, Jean. Did you get that for the yearbook?

Jean: No, this one's for my personal collection.

Announcer: Duncan Matthews does it again, this time with a quarterback keeper. The Bayville Hawks seem to have this one wrapped up, and time's running out.

Football Player #1: Hey, look at that. Tolansky's at it again.

Football Player #2: Aw, man, it's unbelievable.

Announcer: Looks like the Hawks are a shoo-in for the play-offs.

Duncan: Hey, coach! Can we be excused for a minute?

Coach: Ye-yeah, yeah, just hustle back.

Football Players: *laughing* It's be great, man. We gonna cream him.

Scott: Aw, man, my cash... Hey, check it. Looks like someone's taking up a collection.

Paul: Woah. Should we call the cops?

Scott: Hold that option open.

Toad: Got another one. Hahaha. Wah!!

Duncan: Well, if it ain't Toady Tolansky picking up a little spare change.

Toad: Uh... H-h-hi, Duncan. U-u-uh. Lo-o-ook, I can explain.

Duncan: Shut-up, Frogface.

Football Player #1: Let's crush him, Dunc.

Scott: Let's not, Dunc. Just chill. The wallets are still there. How about we have him give back the cash, no harm done?

Toad: Yeah, yeah. See? U-u-hhh. Here's the money.

Duncan: What do you care about this scuzzo, Summers?

Scott: Not much. But I'm not crazy about three against one either. So how about we settle this peacefully?

Duncan: I think me and my buds are gonna squash this slimball. So you and your stupid sunglasses at night can just bail.

Toad: Yaaah!! Oomph.

Scott: I said knock it off!

Duncan: Hey!

Football Player #2: He's getting away!

Duncan: Big mistake, Summers.

Scott: Urgh!

Jean: Scott! No!

Scott: Ah!

Jean: Scott!

Scott: Aah!

***beginning credits roll***

Jean: Hmmm. Too hot to touch... at least with my hands... You, okay?

Scott: Jean! Oh, wow, I-

Jean: Shhhh... I know. Look, you'd better split.

Duncan: Aah!

Paramedic: Take it easy, son. try not to move.

Cop: What happened here?

Duncan: Ah, my head... can't remember...

Paramedic: Concussion. He's been hit hard.

Cop: Hmm... Looks to me like... Uh, uh, of course. It must have been a leak in that propane tank.

Jean: Duncan... Are you all right?

Duncan: Hey, Jean. Yeah, you know me, skull like concrete. Ow.

Jean: Ohh, you poor baby.

Toad: Uh... Thanks. Really, ya know?

Scott: Yeah.

Prof X: Things are under control. For now. But we'd better hurry, we've got a train to catch.

Storm: Kurt?

Prof X: That's not Kurt. This is.

Wolverine: Huhhh... Trouble at home...

Store Owner: Ya-a-a, ya, ya want that paper?

Wolverine: That's why I'm holding it, bub. A bottle of water too. Cold.

Store Owner: Warm weather we're having for this time of year... Huh?

Wolverine: Ahh! Recycle that, will ya?

Sabretooth: *snarls*

Scott: Give it up, Jean. It's hopeless.

Jean: I'll be done in a second.

Scott: Come on, we're gonna be late.

Jean: Almost done!

Scott: Look, you want me to blow this door... down?

Jean: So? Are we going or what?

Scott: We're heading out, Professor.

Prof X: Just a moment, you two. Come here. I'd like you to meet someone. This is Kurt Wagner. He arrived late last night.

Scott: Hey, Kurt. This is Jean. I'm Scott. How ya doin?

Prof X: Kurt. You are among friends here.

Kurt: Hello.

Prof X: *clears throat* I was just telling Kurt how I set up this Institute for gifted younsters. Youngsters whose gifts are not always and asset. Right, Scott?

Scott: Ah, so... You heard about last night...

Prof X: Difficult not to. It was on all the news channels.

Scott: It was a bad situation... and there was... an accident. I'm sorry.

Prof X: I know. Fortunately, no one was badly hurt and the true cause was not discovered, but you must be more careful, Scott.

Scott: Come on, Professor. I'm packing a bazooka behind each eyeball! What do you want from me?!

Prof X: Control, Scott! That's what you're here to learn. That's why you're all here. Scott's eyes emmit a destructive optic blast beam.

Kurt: Oh, cool.

Jean: How about you, Kurt? Got a special gift that brough you here?

Kurt: *bamf* Maybe...

Scott: Jean: Woah...

Prof X: I'll be helping Kurt get settled in. We can talk more tonight.

Mystique as Principal Darkhölme: Mr. Tolansky. Ugh. Excuse me a moment while I open a window. There. Now, Toad, shall we talk about your new friend, Scott Summers?

Toad: What about him? he's cool. Heck, if it wasn't for him those jocks would've stomped my skull flat.

Mystique as Principal Darkhölme: Yes, well, Summers, as you've noticed, has special powers. There are others like him. We need to know more. Much more.

Toad: Oh, look I don't wanna-

Mystique as Big, Scary, Purple, Monster Thing: Silence! You'll do as you're told! Understand?!!

Kurt: Woah... This bedroom... is mine?

Prof X: Of course, Kurt. That's why your parents sent you to us. Because they knew you would be happy here.

Kurt: Happy? How can I be happy when I look like this? I scare people.

Prof X: Mm. I have a surprise for you Kurt. Put this on.

Kurt: I don't believe it! I-I'm normal.

Storm: Of course you're normal, Kurt, but not because of that machine.

Prof X: Storm is right, Kurt. Normal is what you truly are. Never think otherwise. This is just a disguise. A disguise so you will not be persecuted by those who do not understand your gifts.

Kurt: I understand, Professor. But nonetheless, you rule!

Paul: Hey, see you in the cafeteria.

Scott: Just grabbing my lunch. Save me a seat.

Toad: Yo, Summers. What's up?

Scott: That's quite a jump.

Toad: Like it? Surprised you could see it through them smokies of yours. Here. Lemme help.

Scott: Hey!

Toad: What's the matter, Summers? 'Fraid to open your eyes?

Scott: Obviously, we both know what will happen if I do. Now gimme back my shades before I go nuclear on you.

Toad: You got it.

Scott: Ugh!

Toad: Well, as you can see, you and me, we got something in common.

Scott: Yeah. Now we're both slimed.

Toad: Nope, I mean we ain't like other people.

Scott: And your point is?

Toad: I just wanna talk, get to know each other better. You know, maybe do lunch.

Scott: I'll think about it.

Toad: Sure, you think about it, Summers. I got stuff to do.

Prof X: Hmm. So... out in the the open. *phone rings* Hello, Scott.

Scott: Man, Professor, you know it always weirds me out when you do that.

Prof X: Sorry. What are you calling about?

Scott: One of the students here. He's, uh, kind of like us.

Prof X: Yes. Todd Tolansky.

Scott: You know him?

Prof X: Cerebro just got a reading. He must be using his powers openly now.

Scott: Anyway, he's not the kind of guy I'd really wanna share a room with. I mean, to put it bluntly he's got the personal hygiene of a dead pig.

Prof X: We cannot turn our backs on anyone, Scott. You know that.

Scott: Yeah, I know. So, should I bring him in?

Prof X: No need, Scott. I'll speak with you later.

Kurt: What's that thing, Professor?

Prof X: This 'thing' is Cerebro. It detects the manifestation of special powers. That's how I found you.

Kurt: So this guy is one of us?

Prof X: That remains to be seen. ~Storm?~

Storm: ~Yes, Professor?~

Prof X: ~I was wonder if you could audition someone for me.~

Toad: Hehe. Cake. *thunder crashes* Woah. Now that is just freaky. Hey! Ungh! Aaah! Yaah! Yeeeeah!!! Woah. What are you? Some kind of ratty plush toy?

Kurt: The name's Nightcrawler. And at least I don't reek like unwashed liederhosen.

Toad: You blue-furred freak! Aaarrh! *bamf* Huh?

Kurt: As you say in America, neener, neener, neener.

Toad: That ain't gonna help you, boy.

Kurt: You're so slow!

Toad: Grrrr...

Kurt: You couldn't catch flies on a windshield!

Toad: Fight like a man!

Prof X: Yes, Tolansky is indeed gifted. He could be one of us.

Storm: Sometimes, Professor I feel your good heart blinds even you from the truth.

Kurt: Boy! Over here! Over here!

Toad: I'm gonna rip that corny tail off you fuzzy gecko! Boy, come here! I'm not- Aw. Come back! Hey, come over here! Don't make me- Aww... now you're starting to tick me off.

Kurt: Ha!

Prof X: This test is over. Todd Tolensky does have the special gift of the x-gene. He is welcome to join us... if he so desires.

Toad: The only thing I desire is blueboy's fuzzy head. Nyah!

Kurt: Toad: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Oomph!

Kurt: Wo sind wir? Where are we?

Toad: You asking me, fool? You brought us here.

Kurt: Aah! And I think I'm about to regret it! Wowss!

Prof X: ~Scott! Jean! Nightcrawler and Toad have teleported into the danger room!~

Scott: Aw, man, the danger room had automated defences!

Jean: It'll attack them with everything it's got!

Prof X: ~Get in there! Now!~

Kurt: Aah! That was close!

Toad: *screams like a girl*

Scott: I've got the cannons. Keep them clear of the tenticles.

Jean: On it!

Kurt: You're an angel!

Jean: On occassion. How about you? Are you a demon?

Toad: I just brought that!

Scott: Tolansky! Over here!

Prof X: Security code override! Priority X! Voiceprint: Charles Xavier!

Robotic Voice: Confirmed. Shutdown in 5 seconds.

Kurt: Ah! Now I get it! It's a training area. Watch. I just pull the plug and- Yaaah!!!

Toad: Forget this, man! I've seen enough! I am outta here!

Scott: Tolansky! Sorry, Professor. I couldn't stop him.

Prof X: ~It's all right, Cyclops. He wasn't ready to be one of us.~

Kurt: I blew it too, Professor. I'm sorry. You've been wonderful, but I guess I-I just don't belong here.

Prof X: Nightcrawler, wait!

Scott: No sweat. Professor. I'll take care of it.

Toad: Ungh! Unnnngh!

Wolverine: *snikt*

Toad: Wah!

Wolverine: Going somewhere, bub?

Prof X: ~No, Logan! Let him go.~

Wolverine: I came back here cause I smelled trouble brewing. Course maybe it was just stinkboy, there...

Toad: There's some crazed stuff, man!

Prof X: I wish it was. Welcome home, old friend. We've missed you.

Kurt: Was ist das?

Scott: The SR77 Blackbird. Twice as fast as the SR71 and with three times the range and firepower. Nice, eh?

Kurt: Sehr Gut. Is it yours? Please tell me you get to fly it.

Scott: It's ours. And if you stick around for a while I'll show you how to pilot this bad boy. So what do you say? You wanna be part of our team?

Kurt: Me? I almost got you killed a few minutes ago.

Scott: Yeah... Don't do that again. But, look, we all mess up sometimes. I know I do. That's why we're all here, to learn not to make mistakes like that. That's why we'd like you to stay.

Kurt: And you don't mind the-the way I look?

Scott: Dude, just don't hassle me about my shades and we'll call it even.

Kurt: We have a deal then.

Scott: Welcome to the team. Come on. I'll show you where they hide the sodas.

Mystique as Principal Darkhölme: I can't believe this! You were actually inside and you ran away?!?

Toad: Hey. I freaked. So sue me. I did what I could.

Mystique as Principal Darkhölme: And no doubt the Professor wiped your mind so you can't remember anything! Get out!!! Aaaarrgh!!

Magneto Don't be so hard on the boy, Mystique. We don't want to thin our ranks, now do we?

Mystique: No, sir. I'll be more careful.

Magneto Mind, you are. Remember, this is only the beginning.

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