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SpykeCam Transcript

*bell rings and a bunch of students walk out of class, chattering*

Evan: Man, Professor Xavier is gonna ground me for the rest of my life.

Mr. Bandameer: Mr. Daniels, could we talk for a moment, please? Admittedly, I asked for a report on the Star Wars program. However, I wasn't talking about the movie.

Evan: But I like movies.

Mr. Bandameer: Which is fine. But I was expecting a report on the National Space Defense System.

Evan: Yeah... I sorta figured that out by my grade. Hey, look, man, is there anything I can do to make this up? Extra credit? Anything?

Mr. Bandameer: Hmmm... Perhaps there is something.

Evan: Woah! A digicam! How cool is that?!

Mr. Bandameer: You know, Evan, current events can mean a lot of things, including things that are important to people your age. They don't have to be huge, just have to mean a lot to you. How would you like to do a film report on that?

Evan: You mean it?

Mr. Bandameer: You got it. Here. Project is due at the end of the week. I suggest you get started.

Evan: Hey, I'm on it! And thanks for the second chance Mr. B. Cool! Instant rewind, digital zoom... Hey! I can even see the Institute through this thing. Wow. Heh heh. Hello, Logan.

Kurt: Evan!

Evan: Wah-hey! Man! Don't scare me like that! I almost toothpicked you.

Kurt: *clinging from the side of the building* Sorry. Image inducer's on the fritz. I've got to get back to the Institute before someone sees me. That means missing our shop class.

Evan: font> Hey, no prob. I'll catch it on tape for you.

Kurt: Cool! Then I'm outta here. *bamf*

Sabretooth: *watching with binoculars* Ah...

Evan: And... Action!

Rogue: I didn't swipe your stupid novel!

Kitty: Oh, right! Like, I suppose it just got into your gym locker by accident?

Rogue: You loaned it to Kurt and he loaned it to me. I was gonna give it back.

Kitty: Oh, right, like- Ehh! Oh! Sorry. Could I be any clutzier?

Jason: No problem. Let me help.

Kitty: Hey, I feel like such a dork. I mean I-I really should look where I'm going.

Evan: And enter: the love interest...

Jason: Here you go.

Kitty: Oh, thank you, Jason.

Rogue: *mimicing Kitty in a saccharine sweet tone* Thank you, Jason. Ulgh!

Jason: It's Kitty, right?

Kitty: Uh, yeah. Kitty. That's right. Yeah. *giggles* Hi! Oh, I already said that. Um... Whatcha doing?

Rogue: Ugh! I am definately gonna be ill...

Jason: Hanging posters. Auditions for the school play are tomorrow night. Hey, you're gonna try out, right? We need girls who can sing and dance.

Kitty: So, like, what part do you play?

Jason: Um, I'm the, ah, male lead.

Kitty: You're gonna be Dracula? Cool. Well, then, duh, I mean, yeah, sure. Of course, I'm gonna totally try out.

Jason: Great! Well, then I'll see you tomorrow.

Rogue: Just when I thought you could not possibly get more pathetic...

Kitty: At least I've got a hope of getting cast. Unlike you.

Evan: Time to get up close and personal...

Rogue: Think about it. I was made for this play. Hey! *spotting Evan hiding behind an open locker door with the video camera like some bad spy movie agent* What are you playing at, porcupine?!

Evan: *laughing a bit nervously* It's cool! I'm just doing an assignment for Bandameer's class.

Rogue: I'd better not see my face on that tape or they're gonna be calling you Spyke-less.

Evan: *looking very nervous now* Uh-h-h, yeah... Hey, look, don't worry about it. So are you guys gonna audition for this?

Kitty: Well, I am.

Rogue: Yeah. Me too.

Evan: Cool! Oh, yeah, character conflict. Now that's what I'm talking about...

Sabretooth: Rrrah... *snarls*

*classes let out, lockers slamming and students chattering*

Sabretooth: *snarls*

Evan: And now... For an Evan's eye view of what it means to be a truly thrashing street skater.

Pedestian #1: Hey!

Pedestian #2: Watch it!

Pedestian #3: Woah!

Sabretooth: *growls, in hot persuit*

Evan: Uh!

Stray Cat: *terrified of the crazy person approaching rather quickly on the skateboard* Reow!

Evan: Ah!

Stray Cat: *horrified the crazy person isn't stopping* Rrreeeow!!!

Evan: *jumps over the cat*

Sabretooth: Yeahh!! *jumps Evan and steals his camera*

Evan: *has no clue what happened* Ah! Hey! Wa-aa-ah!! *crashes into a garbage heap*

Sabretooth: *rewinding the camera and seeing Logan going into the Institute* Ahh. *laughs evilly*

Evan: Uh, uhh... Ah... *crawls out of the garbage heap* Man, somebody is looking for some trouble! ((*snorts* Yeah, right. As if there's any chance him of fighting Sabretooth and actually surviving.)) Huh? What? *sees his camera and nothing else* Aw, man, I hope it isn't busted! Seems to be okay...

Toad: Sup, Daniels?

Evan: What do you want, Tolansky? Look, I'm busy here.

Toad: I heard about your movie. Hey, check me out. Style, charisma, the Toad's got it all, yo. So start shooting already.

Evan: Take a hike, Tolansky. I've got too much respect for my craft.

Sabretooth: *snarls and laughs evilly*

((Here's where I missed a bunch. *sighs*))

Wolverine: Rrrrowww! He's mine! Rrrrah!!!

*Sabretooth and Logan do battle*

Storm: No! This is not the place for your private war! *zaps Sabretooth*

Sabretooth: This isn't over, Logan!!!

Storm: Wolverine! No!

Wolverine: *growls* //scene switch/// He'll be back, you know.

Prof X: Well, he won't come here again. He knows the automated defences will detect him.

Wolverine: Mmh. That's the problem. He'll wanna get me away from here, get me alone. And to do that he's gonna need...

Prof X: A hostage?

Wolverine: Got it in one.

Prof X: Hmm. This means all the students are in danger.

Wolverine: Yeah. And I gotta do something about it.

Evan: *apparently talking to himself* You see the trouble you caused? If only there was some way of fixing this-this mess...

Rogue: I've gotta practice for the audition-

Evan: Huh?

Rogue: -and you've been hogging the soundtrack all morning.

Kitty: Hey, I bought it. Get your own!

Evan: Ladies, ladies... Maybe we can all... help each other out here.

Rogue: Kitty: What do you want?!

Evan: Look. You two think you can stop arguing long enough to help me do something important?

Rogue: Like what?

Evan: I'll explain on the way. But just to warn you first, we might have to do a bit of improvising.

Sabretooth: *snarls* ((You may have noticed, he tends to do that a lot.)) Three little piggies, all alone. Logan, you're making this too easy...

Scott: Just heading out for a burger.

Wolverine: No, you ain't, bub. Until I nail that hairball none of you are to leave the premises.

Scott: Aw, man...

Wolverine: Don't even start. Now, where are the others?

Scott: Ah, Kurt and Jean are upstairs... but I think Rogue and Kitty took off with Evan...

Wolverine: *snikt*

Scott: *jerks back nervously* I-I'll come with you.

Wolverine: No. You stay put and look after the others.

Evan: Come on Rogue. Get with the program. Shake that thang!

Rogue: Hey! She's got her moves. Ah've got mine.

Kitty: Yeah, girl. You gotta go with it, you know? You're like a walking zombie or something.

Evan: Hey, Rogue, how bout you shed them gloves and give K-girl a tiny tap?

Rogue: What?!

Kitty: No way!

Evan: Listen to me! Just enough to rip Kitty's moves.

Rogue: Might work. Just concentrate on 'em.

Kitty: Okay, but you better not, like, lay me out.

Rogue: Kitty: *they touch* *gasp* Aah! Woah. *they shiver*

Rogue: Like, that was, like, pretty icksome. Huh? Am I talking like her?

Evan: Okay. Let's get on with it. Action! Looking good. Looking good!

Sabretooth: *snarls and pounces*

Evan: Aaah! Waah!

Sabretooth: *crushes boombox* You're mine!

Evan: Yo-oah! Been expecting you.

Sabretooth: *as Evan gets all spike* Eaah!

Evan: You gotta be sharp if you're gonna mess with the Spyke!

Evan: Rogue: *as Sabretooth throws Evan into Rogue* Ahhh! Ugh!

Sabretooth: I'll take you!

Kitty: Right, I am so sure. Huh? *loses concentration as she sees Rogue and Evan more or less unconcious and Sabretooth backhands her into a tree* Ugh! Aah! Oomph!

Rogue: *sees Sabretooth going after Kitty, who is now more or less unconscious* Back off, ugly!

Sabretooth: *snarls* Rrreeeoww!! *grabs Rogue, by the the wrist, keeping her from touching him and smirks*

Wolverine: Pickin' on kids, Creed? Big mistake.

Sabretooth: Yeah? Why?

Wolverine: 'Cause it really ticks me off!

Sabretooth: *as Rogue touches him* Aaaa-ah!

Rogue: *as the Sabretooth powers kick in and she gets are furry and such* Uh! Ohh! Uh! Ah-aaah! Awww... and I just shaved my legs last night!!

Wolverine: Niice. The finishing touch. You planned this, didn't you, porcupine?

Evan: Um. A l-little bit, yeah.

Wolverine: Well, don't do it again! You coulda all been killed! And don't gimme them puppydog eyes, half-pint. You're grounded! And so are the rest of you!

Evan: Um... For how long?

Wolverine: Hhh. I dunno. Until she-wolf there gets a haircut, anyway. Now let's go.

Rogue: Hmmph!

Kitty: What are you gonna do with Sabretooth now?

Evan: Yeah, Scott say you two been duking it out for years.

Wolverine: He and I got unfinished business.

Rogue: So what's gonna happen to him?

Wolverine: Oh, he'll get a little cooling off period.

Sabretooth: Ugh. Huh? Where am I? Cannot remember...

Jean: Can't wait to see them.

Storm: Here we go.

Evan: Welcome to Bayville, my new home. It's really kinda laid back here compared to New York, where I'm from, but I'm getting used to it. That's me, Evan Daniels, thrashing skater. This film is about what's important to me, and that's my family. I mean, these guys aren't my real family, but they've kinda taken me in, you know? Like any family, we're all different. That's Scott. He's cool, but can be kinda stiff. Kurt usually takes care of that problem. The Prof's like my new dad. He's alright, and so is Jean. That girl's got look and talent. And that's Auntie Ororo at the piano. She's a real classy lady. And speaking of classy ladies, check out Rogue and Kitty. man, they got the moves... And so does Kurt. He likes to par-ty! We usually all get along pretty good, you know? But even when someone's mad at me, they're still there when I need help. That's what being a family's all about, haning tight for the good times and the bad. And they guys always hang tight. So this film's dedicated to my new family.

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