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Rogue Recruit Transcript

***School dance on the river front***
Ty: Body snatchers. That's the only explaination, man. My good buddy, Cody, is now a pod person. Gone in an evening from bad to sad, flame to lame. Nurse, he's coded! Personality paddles, stat!

Cody: Oh, come on. Ah'm just, you know, picking my moment, taking it slow.

Ty: Cody, Ah've seen glaciers move faster. There she is, the girl you've been staring at all week. Please tell me you at least at know her name.

Cody: *shrugs and smiles sheepishly*

Ty: You lame-o! *slaps forehead* This ends now.

Cody: Come on, Ty I-

Rogue: Huh? Can Ah help you?

Cody: Uhh... Dance. I-I mean, would you like to? With me, that is. Together.

Rogue: Ah'm really just hanging out here and... *as she sees the hurt puppydog look on him face* Aw, hey, why not? After all, where's the harm in one dance?

***A house not too far away...***
Destiny: No! Don't touch him! Oh, my dear child!

***Back at the club, inside, where Rogue and Cody are dancing***
Ty: Get closer. Make your move. *shoves Cody who falls and knocks down Rogue in the process*

Cody: Hey, Ah'm sorry. *grabs her wrist to help her up*

Rogue: Aaah! My-mah head. All these images. What's happening to me? What am Ah? Who am Ah?

Ty: *looking between the unconscious Cody and Rogue* Cody? Cody, what's wrong? What did you do to him?

Rogue: *crying hysterically, runs, and slammes right past Ty in a move like a football player's*

Ty: Woah. I thought only Cody has moves like that.

***Irene's house again***
Destiny: *into the phone* That's not what I said. I see pathways... probabilities. I predicted what form her mutant powers would take, not when they would manifest. Yet, I did take precautions, the phony skin condition, the way she dressed, but she's a teenage girl. I couldn't keep her in isolation. *pause* Of course you're coming. *pause* I know. And the others? Xavier's team? They are coming too.

***Xavier Institute***
Storm: Impressive. You got past the automated defenses by using the air vents. But you won't get past me. Testing me, hmm? Alright then. It's time you remembered why they call me Storm! You look a little flushed... And the forecast isn't good.

Wolverine: *now in the Danger Room* Now that was cold.

Storm: Then let's warm you up.

Wolverine: Gotta connect first. Got any other party tricks? *continues to trash up the obstacles*

Prof X: Stop! It is, at the moment, as much as we can afford, Wolverine.

Wolverine: Hey, when I give a demo, I give a demo.

Scott: *from Control room* Demo as in demolish or demonstration? What was the point?

Storm: The point, young Cyclops, was to teach you something about finding the waek points in sophisticated security systems.

Wolverine: That's right, bub, and I'd say ours needs a little work.

Kurt: That was tight! I give it two thumbs up!

Wolverine: The vents were pretty easily breached. Gonna need to fix that, maybe electrify them or install poison gas sprayers.

Storm: Wolverine...

Wolverine: Alright, alright. Knock-out gas then.

Kitty: *shivers* Ugh. Is it just me or is anyone else, like, seriously freaked by all this? *silence* Oh, right. It's just me? Great.

Kurt: *bamf* Relax, Kitty. You'll be fine. We're right beside you. *bamf* Popcorn? *holding bowl by tail*

Kitty: Aah!

Kurt: Whoops. Hehe. Sorry. Next time I'll honk before I port.

Kitty: Whatever. Look. Guys, it's late. If it's no biggie to you I'm gonna like, drop out. *phases into ground*

Kurt: Ah. She's fully not into the fuzzy dude. Not that I really blame her.

Jean: Aw, she just needs time, Kurt. She'll come around.

Prof X: *rolling in* X-Men, we have an emergancy. Scott. Get the Blackbird prepped for launch, and, since it's a weekend, assemble the full team.

Scott: Yes, sir. What's the mission?

Prof X: Cerebro has detected a new mutant in Caldecott County, Mississippi. My mental impressions from the scene indicate a very disturbed individual. Our mutant is a danger to herself and possible others. X-Men, we have a rogue.

***On the Blackbird***
Kurt: Stealth mode stable, leveling off at ten thousand feet.

Scott: Steady... Now hold it right there. And... you've got it! Nice job, Kurt. You'll make a pilot yet.

Kurt: Heh. Thanks. *steers with his feet*

Scott: Or... maybe not. I've logged our flight plan with the FAA. We're clear through to Jackson. We'll take the van from there.

Prof X: Good. You're picking up logistics quickly, Scott.

Kitty: *from the back* Scott seems so like, together, so cool and... He's kinda cute.

Jean: Cute? Uh, stiff maybe, exacting definately, but... Hmm... You know, from a certain angle...

Kurt: *hearing what they just said* *bamf* *bamf* Yaa-yaaah!

Kitty: Aaah!

Prof X: Kurt! The Blackbird is not the place to be fooling around. You frightened Kitty.

Kurt: Sorry, Kitty.

Kitty: Eww... Just-just like, stay away from me! *gets up from seat*

Wolverine: Kids.

***At the airport, climbing into a limo***
Destiny: You made good time, Raven.

Mystique as Principal Darkhölme: Our organization's mysterious founder has certain... resources, Irene. What happened?! I left the girl in what I thought was your safe keeping.

Destiny: At the school dance her mutant powers manifested and she accidently made physical contact with a local boy.

Mystique: Absorbing his memories and physical abilities. Wonderful. We keep her hidden away in this backwater for the better part of five years and in five mintues it all falls apart. We cannot lose her. Especially not to Xavier. She possesses the potential for limitless power. You can see the future, Irene. Where will she go?

Destiny: Home... Or what she thinks is home.

***In front of the local hospital***
Wolverine: This really nessassary?

Prof X: Yes, Logan. The boy, Cody, is the key to finding our rogue, but he's unconscious and his mind is elusive. To isolate his memory patterns I need someone on the inside.

Ty: He'll be okay, right? You'll help him?

Jean: Yes. We will. *places hands on Cody's head*

***Back in the limo, pulling up infront of Cody's house***
Destiny: Now what? You won't hurt her, will you? After all, Raven, she's your-

Mystique: I know, Irene. I know. Trust me. She will come to us willingly... given the right persuation. *shifts into Wolverine*

***In Cody's room***
Rogue: All this is... me? Mine? but which me am Ah? *door slams open* Aah! Ungh! Wh-who are you and what do you want?

Mystique as Wolverine: You, girly. I want you! Stand still and make it quick. You're dealing with the X-Men now and you ain't got a chance!

Rogue: X-Men? Ah don't understand. Ah just want you to leave me alone!

Mystique as Wolverine: *pathetic, fake-sounding B-movie-grade howl* One more turn of the screw and you will come running into my arms. *shifts into Storm*

***Walking the streets of Caldecott***
Kitty: Ugh. So does this, like, bite or what?

Wolverine: The Prof says the girl's mind is confused and difficult to pinpoint. So keep looking. *stops suddenly*

Kurt: Vas? Got a scent?

Wolverine: Yeah. I smell fear.

***Not too far away**
Mystique as Storm: One well-placed lightning bolt, one ex-mute.

Rogue: Ugh! Aah! *jumps fence, runs into Irene*

Destiny: Rogue! It's me, Irene. Try and remember.

Rogue: Uh, who? Wait, Irene... Yes, but I'm so confused. Strange thoughts in my head, people chasing me...

Destiny: Easy, easy, honey. The police are coming. The X-Men will not rist a confrontation.

Rogue: X-Men?

Destiny: Yes. Mutant hunters. Now hurry! I have a friend who can help you. I'll take you to her. *takes Rogue's hand*

Rogue: I don't know. All this is happening so fast. I don't- *sees Wolverine and others in the corner of her eye* It's him! The one who attacked me! Run, Irene! Run! *loses glove in Irene's hand*

Wolverine: That's gotta be her.

Rogue: Please! Leave me be! *jumps fence again*

Kurt: Wolverine, wait! She seems to be terrified by you. Let me try.

Wolverine: Okay, kid. Just don't mess up, capisce? ((spelling could be off))

Kurt: Yes, sir!

Wolverine: I'll go find the Prof. And, squirt? Pust on your best face. No sense freaking the poor kid out any more than she already is. And keep an eye on the half-pint, here?

Kitty: Hey!

***Someone's backyard***
Kurt: *swinging on swing* Guten tag, fraulein. Please. Don't be frightened.

Rogue: What do you want?

Kurt: To help you. We're the good guys. Especially me.

Kitty: *phases through fence* Half-pint? I'll show him.

Kurt: I was like you once. Alone, unsure what I was, afraid to show my face. Can you believe it?

Kitty: She doesn't look so tough to me. *jumps Rogue*

Kurt: Kitty, no!

Rogue: Aah! *throws Kitty off then and accidently hits the button on Kurt's holowatch absorbs him when he tries to stop her. She bamfs away*

Kitty: Nightcrawler? Nightcrawler? Kurt? Kurt!

Rogue: *bamf* What just happened? Where am Ah? And ich verstenen deutscher? Ah can speak German? The fuzzy one... Kurt. Ah'm him. Like Ah was Cody. Ah think Ah'm catchin' on now. But how did Ah...? *bamf* *bamf* *bamf* *bamf* *bamf* *bamf* *bamf* *bamf* Aah! Ungh. When is this all gonna end?

***Back in the backyard***
Kitty: Say something Kurt! Please! Tease me, scare me, anything! Oh, please, don't be dead. Come on, Kitty. Okay, what would Wolverine do? I mean besides dice up, like, half the landscape... Wait, the Professor can read minds, right? ~Maybe he can hear my thoughts.~

***On a random Caldecott street***
Prof X: Odd. The trail seems to have gone suddenly cold. I can no longer read Cody's brainwave patterns.

Jean: But if he's gone then...

Prof X: Then it may simply mean the effect of transferrance is temporary. Our problem now is how to find the girl.

Wolverine: Try about 10 gardens due west. Kurt's trying to keep her from bolting.

Prof X: Then we must-

Kitty: ~Professor! Professor!~

Prof X: ~Kitty? Kitty! Not-not so loud. Slowly, please. Order your thoughts.~

Kitty: ~It's Kurt! She hurt him! She did something to him!~

Prof X: ~Stay where you are, Kitty. Help is on its way.~ Wolverine, it's Nightcrawler. The rogue has his mind and his abilities.

Wolverine: *growls* This is my fault. I shouldn't a' left the little squirrel in charge.

Prof X: I'm getting a clear reading now on Kurt's brainwave patterns. She's more focused each time she uses her power. You three go ahead. I'll guide you. *rolling far behind*

***In the cemetary, Jean has caught up to Rogue***
Jean: Hi.

Rogue: Do... Do Ah know you? All these memories. Ah'm so confused.

Jean: Yeah. I know. I can relate to what you're going through.

Rogue: Jean. You're Jean Grey. You're the others!

Jean: Relax! Look, if you know who I am then I won't hurt you. Look. It's tough to go it solo. Hey, zero pressure, but if you talk more you can reach me anytime with this communicator. *floats it over to her*

Rogue: Latest fashion accessory, huh?

Storm: We all have one.

Rogue: *sees Storm* Y-you, you. No! You won't take me! *runs*

Scott: No! Wait!

Jean: Ugh! I don't get it! We were connecting and then-

Storm: Then she saw me. For some reason she's afraid of me.

Scott: Well, she looked pretty beat. She can't have gone far.

***Once again in the backyard***
Kitty: Come on, Kurt. Wake up! You know, I-I'm still not big on facial hair, but, like, the pointy ears are starting to work for me.

A building in the cemetary where Rogue is hiding***
Mystique as Cyclops: Thought you could escape us, did you? The X-Men don't leave loose ends. *pushing stuff down near Rogue*

Rogue: Aaaah!

Mystique as Jean: I tried. I really did, but some people just won't be helped.

Rogue: Aaaah!

Jean: Are you hurt? Lie still. Don't try to move.

Storm: Child, what is it? We are your friends. *Rogue accidently makes contact* Ohhhh! Oh!

Rogue: Aaah!

Scott: What's with the effects is- *sees Rogue in sky* Oh, no. No!

Jean: I can hold it off a little.

Scott: Give it up. She's got Storm's powers but not her control. The power lines! If they hit that water Storm will be fried!

Jean: *lifting them up* I can't keep this up for long. Uh!

Rogue: Too much power! Ah can't- control it. Ah have to- Aaaaahh! *bamf*

Scott: *calmness once again* Wha-what do you think happened to the rogue?

Prof X: She's gone... somewhere. Here mind is a jumble. I can't trace it. But I strongly suspect the hand of another at work here.

Wolverine: Hmmm... *sniffs* Mystique! She can change her body but not her scent.

Kitty: Then we have to go after her!

Prof X: There's been enough damage done today, and the girl must come of her own free will or not at all. And we must first tend to our own.

Kurt: *waking up* Ohhh... Ugh... Looks like I missed quite a party.

Kitty: *claps giddily* Kurt! You're alright!

Kurt: *falls into her arms* Ungh...

Kitty: Easy, you fuzzy elf. Everything is going to be just fine.

Scott: *mouthing silently in disbelief* Fuzzy elf?

Kurt: Huh?

***In the hospital, where Cody is waking up a couple hours later***
Ty: Whatever this was, try to shake it off quick, okay? This game against Jackson is next week and the last thing we need is Stevens taking your position.

***Bayville High***
Mystique as Principal Darkhölme: Welcome to Bayville High. I'm sure you'll be very happy here. Happy and safe.

Rogue: Sure. Thank you. *walks out*

Magneto: The girl has great power. She is a fine addition to our side.

Mystique: Yes. We were lucky to get to her first.

Magneto: Indeed. You are certain any residual memories of the true X-men have faded?

Mystique: Positive.

Rogue: *holding communicator that Jean previously gave her*

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