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On Angel's Wings Transcript

(???)Receptionist: Happy holidays.

*phone rings*

Warren (on the answering machine): I'm not here. Leave a message. *beep*

Warren's Mother (on the answering machine): Warren if you're there, please pick up. Dad and I just wanted to say hi from London and let you know that we're thinking about you. Please call, dear. We're worried about you.

Fremale Reporter (on the television): Once again we understand that a disabled woman is still inside this burning building. Firefighters have made numerous heroic, but unsuccessful, attempts to reach her.

*sirens then the cacophony of numerous firefighters shouting orders and information to each other. brief snatches can be made out.*

Fireman1: Give it to-

Fireman2: We gotta get a lot more hose there-

Jayme: Please! Let me go! She can't walk! She can't get out! Let me save her! Please! *she begins sobbing* Mother!

The Disabled Woman: *gasps as she sees Warren carrying her to safety*

Jamie: *sobbing*

The Disabled Woman: Jamie! Here, honey, I'm over here!

Jamie: *almost disbelieving* Mom? Mom! (overjoyed) How did you get here?

The Disabled Woman: (awed tone) An angel, honey. A real angel. With wings.

***credits roll***

*an unintelligle murmer of all the students at the Institute gathered together in the one room, talking all in groups*

Kitty: Ohhh. It's beautiful. Thank you, Jean.

Jean: (warmly) You're welcome.

Jubilee: How cuuute! Thank you so much!

Amara: I love it! So so sweet! Thanks. ((*looks disgusted* Ugh. Gag me.))

Kitty: (as Kurt tries to kiss her, holding up a sprig of mistletoe) Kurt! In your dreams!

Kurt: All in the holiday spirit! *makes kissing noise*

Kitty: *laughing even as she runs away* Kuurt! Knock it off! Eww!

Kurt: Come on, Kitty! just one kiss?

Prof X: (as Kitty then Kurt runs by) Ah, to be young again.

Wolverine: Yeah... Glad that's over.

Prof X: You know, Logan... You're welcome to spend the holidays here with us.

Wolverine: Yeah. Thanks. But I've got some... important things to catch up on.

Rogue: It's sure gonna be lonely arounf here when all these guys leave here tomorrow.

Scott: Yeah. Really.

Rogue: But it could be fun, you know... Just us, the prof, Mr. McCoy... Hey, I got something for you. I know it's early, but everyone else is exchanging gifts today.

Scott: (startled) Oh. Rogue, uh, thanks. Gee, I-I haven't gotten you anything yet but-

Rogue: Don't worry about it. There's still time. Go on. Open it.

Kitty: Ohhh! Ooh! *laughing and dodging Kurt* Oh!

*Kurt corners her on the couch next to Bobby but she slips away as he leans in, leading to Kurt nearly kissing Bobby.

Bobby: Kurt: Uugghh!

*scene changes to show all the students at the Xavier Institute (except Rogue and Scott) chattering as they come down the steps, going home efore the holidays*

Jean: Thanks.

Scott: Bye, Jean. Have fun.

*numerous goodbyes as they all get in their cars and drive (or ride) off*

Beast: Alright! Who's up for helping the professor and me install Cerebro's new security upgrades?

Scott: Ugh. I guess this is his idea of how to have a fun holiday.

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