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Q: For the bios, should we have pics of the chars in civies or uniforms? There are pros and cons for both. The civies look better. Unfortunately I don't know if we could find pics like that for all the new recruits and for the brotherhood. Don't get me wrong. I KNOW they're out there. They used them to make the official web site. The question is can we fid someone or someplace that has them?

A: Umm.. I'm thinking, since we can basically only get the uniform pics for *everyone* it would be better to go with for now. Until we have more to work with.


Q: Hey. I just wanted to check with something real quick... with the Rogue's rants page, should we have the sections divided? (between the fashion part and the episode ranting part) Because if we were to do that, I should probly rewrite the first paragraph or so... if not, we can must make a lil divider or whatever. Just let me know. Cya