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Rogue's Rants

Hi, ya'll. This is mah fashion column, where basically Ah bitch about the distgustin' crap Ah see people wear on a daily basis. An' let's face it, when ya live in a mansion full of preps, ya can't help but wanna barf up Ororo's cookin' (No matter how good it is). Honestly, is it so hard for a li'l bit of originality these days? *Sickly sweet voice* "Ooh, Ah'm goin' ta the Gap today ta get that cute shirt Ah saw on the commercial with the dancers!" "Like, oh mah Gawd! Ah have it in lilac!" Please.

Like Ah said befoh, the people Ah live with... Ugh. Between watchin' Jean at her li'l parties (plus cheerleadin' an' all that other shit Miss Popular can do) an' actually sharing a room with Kitty, Ah've got it pretty damn rough. All Ah can say is that Ah'm damn lucky Ah didn't fall in with it. Now that is a horrifying thought. Me in an A&F sweater with khakis. Note to self: Do not make a habit of absorbin' preps. Ya nevah know if they'll corrupt you that far.

All raht, enough talkin' about pointless shit. Let's get down ta business. Ah'm gonna take random pics of mah, uh, dare Ah say it, friends, and critique the disasters they wear. Simple? That's what Ah thought too.

(party outfit)
This has gotta be one of mah favorit outfits. Ah still get ta wear mah black plus the purple scarf. *smirk* Yes, the Rogue does wear purple. Ya just won't see it combined with yellow or any other pastel color or whatevah on me.

Ah love how it makes me stand out, but then Ah also don't bring that much attention to mahself either. 'Course, there's the supposed "trendy" gals who walk by an' whisper about mah clothes, how weird Ah look, whatevah comes ta their pretty li'l empty heads. It doesn't matter what they think of 'em though. Less chance Ah'll see the same thing or somethin' close ta it on someone else tamorrow.

(spyke pic)
The only credit Ah can give Evan is that he ain't a prep. Skateboarder, but not a prep. Too bad the kid still annoys the shit outta me. Anyway, back on track, what's up with the hair? Ah honestly don't think that's natural (like mah hair *grin*) an' black guys with blonde hair... Ah dunno. Maybe that was big in the city. Don't see too much of it now in Bayville... making him a li'l bit original... Dammit! Am Ah gonna hafta give him more credit? Umm... Ah'll just move on.

Baggy shorts with boxers up to the waist. *sigh* It can be hot... but it seems like any non-prep (an' hell, even some of them too) wears their pants like that. But then, it's not like it would be comfortable seein' guys with their pants normally or too high... Dammit! Ah cain't win here! Damn Evan... Okay, movin' on again. With the constant elbow and knee pads! If Ah didn't know him at all, Ah'd think he was an accident prone idiot. An' yah, Ah do know him an' he is one. There, found somethin' Ah can fully bash him for. An' Ah'm curious as to when skateboardin' came back in. The whole goin' in ta battle on the skateboard. Evan Daniels is just a mystery then...

(kitty in pyramid hat)
*trying to hold back burst of laughter* Don't make me say it. Mah stomach'll burst if Ah try. Ahh, screw it. *hysterical laughter* [minutes pass...] *tries breathing again* Okay. Ah'm good now. One, why would Kitty give into such bull shit? Ah know she is gullible but Ah didn't think that gullible. An' Miss Fashion Prissy Princess should've know that it would look ridiculous! Ya know how hard it was to see her modeling it and hold the snickers in 'till she left the room? Usually Ah would flat out tell her if she looked stupid, but somethin' told me ta let her figure this out on her own... Ah can be so evil sometimes. Ah feel better now. *grin*

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