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The X-Impulse Episode Guide

Young Kitty Pryde is dreaming of flying. All through the city she goes. But wait, she's falling? She wakes up terrified... in her basement? She frantically tells her parents that she felt like she fell through the ceiling. Her mom soothes her by saying that it was all just a dream. But Dad looks up to the ceiling where Kitty's pillow and blanket are half-phased through. Xavier detects all this action on Cerebro. It was identified as the second mutant in the area. He calls for the team to prep the Blackbird.

Kurt is running late for school since he has developed a new craving for American fast food breakfasts. Ms. Darkholme catches him as he bamfs right near the door so he can run in. She threatens him with detention, but Scott comes out and escorts him in the school, scolding him for being late for stupid reasons. Kitty tries sneaking out of her house to go to school, but her mom catches her at the last moment. She pleads with her to let her go to school since they don't want to talk about what happened the previous night (in the most annoying line I've ever heard uttered in the history of cartoons). Her mom reluctantly lets her go (but probably just got tired of listening to her whine. You can tell that I love Kitty so much, can't you?).

Jean and Xavier are on their way to Northbrook. They talk about Kitty and the other mutant who has been identified as Lance Alvers, who is currently in a foster home. Once they reach Kitty's house, they face some animosity from her parents. They refuse to hear anything Xavier is offering them. Xavier decides to send Jean in to talk to Kitty directly. Back at the institute, Wolverine is cleaning his bike while he hears another one hum in the distance. He takes a couple of sniffs and says "Sabretooth..." Screen shoots to Sabs, "Wolverine..." Wolverine suits up, jumps on his bike and races after him, all the while going past Kurt and Scott who had just gotten home from school. They decide to follow, so they hop in Scott's convertible and chase after him.

Kitty's at her locker at school, looking rather depressed. Some snots see her and think that she doesn't want to take P.E. class, so they shove her in her locker. Kitty bangs on her locker from the inside furiously until she hears someone coming. Lance Alvers is having a little fun and spraying the lockers in the line with some nice red paint. Kitty unconciously phases through her locker ontop of him. He sees what she did and is completely amazed. He tells her that he's like her and he shows off his seismic powers. Kitty is freaked out even more and runs off. Lance then says his very first 'rock' pun. *gags*

Kitty rushes outside, now late for class. She gets reprimanded, while the snot girls who pushed her in her locker snicker. Lance and his buddies are on the roof of the school, trying to figure out a way into the office so they can steal the answers for the midterms. Lance lets them in on his new plan. Getting Kitty. Back down on the field, Kitty attempts a long jump, but ends up sprawled on her stomach not very far away from the jump line. Riley (sp?) gets all snooty once again and tells Kitty to watch as a 'professional' does it. Lance smirks and causes the sand underneath her to almost blow up right before she lands. Kitty looks up to the roof, while Lance waves, impressed with his own work. Kitty stomps away, running into Jean. Figuring she's another one of Riley's friends, she keeps running until she gets to the theater room. She knocks over one of the tables and while trying to catch at least one thing off of it, a bowl phases through her hands to the floor. She stares at it dumbfoundedly and taps it, making sure she wasn't imagining things. Jean interrupts her thoughts by walking in and talking to her. Kitty is very hostile towards her, but Jean just tells her she knows what she's going through. She does a small demonstration of her powers, almost having Kitty convinced. Until Jean says she can read minds. It freaks Kitty out and once again, she runs. (I need a thesaurus.) Lance comes in and tells Jean to back off, that he knows what's best for Kitty. Jean knows better.

Once again at Kitty's locker, Lance talks to her again. This time, he describes what she's feelings through his own experiences, which convinces her to listen to him about using her powers. They decide to meet. Jean talks to Xavier on her phone, telling her that the encounter didn't go as planned at all. She mentions that it seems that Lance has gotten through to her as well. Same time in Bayville, Scott and Kurt find Wolverine on the top floor of a parking lot. Wolverine whips around and faces Sabretooth, all the way across the parking lot on his bike. They charge each other, Wolvie slashing the bike in half with his claws. The pieces of the bike fall off the roof and towards Scott's car. They hug (aww) and Kurt bamfs them out of there before the piece hits. They fight some more, until Scott and Kurt show up once again, uniform an' all. (Oh yeah, right out of their back pockets... sorry, major pet peeve of mine). They fight off Sabretooth, but Wolvie is not pleased at all. The boys don't take it personally.

Kitty meets Lance outside the office as planned. She phases through the wall and is estatic to have found some good in her powers. She lets Lance in and he lets her know how proud of her he is. Outside once again, Jean and Xavier show up with Mr. and Mrs. Pryde. Inside, Lance is completing the download of the test grades and Kitty finally finds out his intent. She wants nothing to do with it. Lance won't let her go, but Jean comes in with Kitty's parents. After Lance shakes things up quite a bit, Daddy apologizes. Jean tells Kitty that if she goes with Lance he'll ruin her life. He tries to get her to keep coming with him, but she phases out of his grasp. This pisses him off completely and he brings the whole building down. Kitty is under it all, but she phases out. She helps Jean and her parents out of the rubble. After it all, Kitty's parents agree with her that Xavier's is the best place for her.

Lance surveys the damage he caused. He starts walking away when he is encountered by Ms. Darkholme. She flat out tells him there is a place for him in Bayville. As she adresses him as 'Avalanche', she morphs into Mystique.

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