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SpykeCam Episode Guide

Evan is in class and he gets back his report. After sighing heavily at the low grade he got, the class ends. He turns to his teacher to find out if there's any type of extra credit he could do. His teacher hands him a digi-camera since Evan is so interested in movies. He's completely psyched and starts trying it out. He walks over to a window and starts zooming in on random things, mainly the institute and Logan. Kurt pops in from below the window, his human and elf appearance flicking back and forth. He asks Evan to let his teacher know he went home. Evan says he'll tape it. A little bit away on the Bayville watertower, Sabretooth is sitting comfortably watching Evan. He growls and jumps off.

Evan is scoping around, looking for things to tape and make a real good video on. He sees that Rogue and Kitty are fighting at their lockers and decides they're perfect. Kitty accuses Rogue of stealing her book but Rogue shoots back "You lent it ta Kurt, an' he lent it ta me. Ah was gonna give it back." In the middle of their argument, Kitty unknowingly backs into Jason, who is hanging up posters for the tryout of the school play. After Kitty makes a total fool out of herself (see the transcript for more details), Rogue and Kitty decide that they're both going to try out for the same part. Rogue catches Evan taping it all and threatens him viciously. After scaring him pretty good, Rogue and Kitty turn noses at each other and walk away, determined to beat the other one out.

Sabretooth is at the school, watching all the other kids leave. Evan comes out on his skateboard, ready to get some action shots. Sabretooth follows him, and after Evan weaves in and out of several pedestrians, Sabs attacks. Evan gets knocked into an alley, and Sabs picks up the tape, paying special attention to the parts with the Institute and Logan. He chuckles to himself and leaves the camera. Evan wakes up and finds the camera, happy that it's not busted. Todd comes jumping down, saying he wants in on the video. Evan brushes him off rudely and skates off. Sabretooth is watching from the roof. He licks his teeth in satisfaction.

The next morning, Evan wakes up. While stretching, he shoots out a couple spikes by accident. Ororo comes in to wake him up and sees the spikes. Then she notices the camera and tells Evan that she should take a look at it before the project gets turned in. He agrees. Not too much later, he's scoping out some more things for the video. He's watching Jean pick out a shirt for the day (okay, is this a li'l weird to anyone else?). She catches him and TKs the door shut.

Wolverine and Cyclops are training outside on the grounds. Evan, being the incredibly smart boy he is, races in on his skateboard, without his uniform. He gets some cool shots of Cyke getting hit down, but after almost getting his head cuts off by some really sharp spike wheel (why can't I ever think of the name of them??) (Is it chakrum?), Wolvie takes the camera and deletes everything from the past few minutes. He starts watching it and there's a message from Sabretooth, thanking Evan for showing him where Logan was located. Just as that plays, an alarm goes off. Sabs is at the gate, breaking in. After tearing everything apart in sight and going at it a little bit with Wolvie, Xavier contacts Wolvie and asks what's going on. He points back to Evan, telling him that its his fault. Evan gaps to himself that it's all his fault (uh, yeah). Everyone else not already present in the yard comes out, full in uniform (*sigh*). Wolverine wants to fight Sabretooth without any help from the others, but Storm starts up the wind, Cyke sends an optic blast, Jean smacks a bench into him with her TK. More lightening, more optic blasts. Bippety, Boppety, Boo, Sabs runs off, claiming that his fight with Logan isn't over. Wolverine goes after him, but loses him. He growls very loudly.

In his study, Xavier talks the mini-battle over with Logan. Logan states that Sabretooth will try to get him out of the mansion, meaning he'll risk taking one of the students as a hostage. Evan over hears this and then scolds his camera, telling it all the trouble he's caused. (Bad camera!!). Kitty and Rogue come walking down the hall, Rogue yelling at her for the soundtrack. Evan says that they could settle the fight according to Evan's plan. They leave on Rogue's moped. Sabretooth is spying and grins to himself, saying aloud that Logan was making it way too easy for him.

Scott is on his way out for a burger but Wolvie stops him. Scott tells him where the others are, mentioning that Evan and the girls left. He is then instructed by Wolverine to watch the others until he gets back. In the woods outside the estate (I'm guessing, they don't give many clues on this sorta thing... or I'm just dumb like that...), Evan's got his camera running and watching the girls dance. However, Rogue does not have the moves like Kitty. Evan suggests Rogue 'give K-Girl a tiny tap' and get her moves. Rogue reluctantly agrees and they touch fingertips. Rogue spits out some Kitty-language (much to the disgrace of me, thank god it's temporary), and they start to dance.

Sabretooth now makes his appearance. Evan says that he's been expecting him, but Sabs runs for Kitty. She phases so he goes right through her. He then goes for Evan and knocks him into Rogue. Again, after Kitty, but this time she goes into a tree, now officially out of the fight. Rogue is a little dizzy, but she wakes and jumps at Sabs. He catches her so her hands are unable to grasp onto his skin. That's when Wolverine joins the fight. They wrestle a bit and Wolvie knocks Sabs away. Sabs is trying to get back up, but his is attacked from behind by Rogue. With Sabs in her now, she grows fangs and fur. Everyone now wakes up and asks Wolvie grounds them until Rogue cuts her hair. They want to know what'll happen to Sabretooth. Turns out, he gets dumped in a very, very cold place with a wiped mind, compliments of Xavier.

It's the night of the play, and Evan plays his video for the watchers. He states that Bayville is his new home and everyone at the institute is his new family. He introduces all the students, including the shots of Rogue and Kitty dancing. Then it flips to Rogue and Kitty on stage, since they both got the part in Dracula. Evan dedicates the film to his new family. End. (just incase you're curious, this was definitely one of those times where the word 'cheesy' could be heard throughout my house. *grin*)

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